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Artists in Canada

Artists in Canada, compiled and maintained by the National Gallery of Canada Library, is a bilingual union list that identifies the location of documentation files on Canadian artists. Twenty-three libraries and art galleries across Canada have contributed biographical information and lists of their documentation files to create this resource which contains information for over 42,700 artists. Additional information regarding the institutions that contribute to Artists in Canada appears separately under Contributors.

The term "artist" is interpreted broadly in the visual arts field to include artisans along with painters, sculptors, printmakers, architects, and others. An artist "in Canada" denotes an artist born in Canada or an artist born elsewhere who has worked in Canada. The inclusion of an artist implies no selection process. An entry here indicates only the existence of a file, the size of which may range from one to hundreds of items, containing information in the form of press clippings, exhibition announcements, and other items.

Each record in the database has information in up to 25 data fields. The data within these fields include brief biographical information on the artist, such as birth and/or death dates, place of birth and/or death, and artist technique.

National Gallery of Canada – Artist Biographies

Links to over 150 bilingual artist biographies compiled by the Education staff of the National Gallery of Canada and available on the Gallery's website have been added to Artists in Canada.

Links to other biographical sources on Canadian artists will be made as resources become available.

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NOTE: A lower case "a" after the reference indicates that a citation was found in that source, a lower case "x" indicates that the name could not be verified.

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