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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Almstedt, John
Aloe, Mario
Aloir, Marie
Alookie, Anouyok
Alorut, Morris -
Alpen-Whiteside, Dale
  • Whiteside, Dale Alpen
Alpert, Laura
Alpert, Patricia Joy
  • Alpert, Pat
Alpha, Hannah
Alphonso, Ralph
Alsdorf, Iris -
Al-Shaikhly, Ahmad
  • Al-Shaikhly, Ahmad R.
Alspach, Robert
Alstad, Michael
Alt, Marino
Alteen, Glenn
Alten, Jeffrey
Altenberg, Carl
Alter, Phyllis
Alter, Sari
Alter, Susan
  • Alter-Tateishi, Susan
  • Tateishi, Susan Alter
Altman, Patrick -
Altmayer, John C.
  • Altmayer, John Clement
Altmejd, David -
Alton, Malin
  • Alton, Manlin
Alton, Mary Elizabeth -
Alton, Robert J.
Altshool, Janet
Altwerger, Libby
  • Selznick, Elizabeth Deborah
  • Altwerger, Elizabeth Deborah
Altwerger, Sandra
  • Altwerger, Sandra Rochelle
Alty-Arscott, Frances
  • Arscott, Frances Alty
Aluas, Christian S.
Alvarado, Hugo
Alvarado, Sharon
Alvarez, Cesar
Alvarez-Ouimet, Francine
  • Alvarez, Francine
  • Ouimet, Francine Alvarez
Alvernaz, Gloria Mulcahy
  • Mulcahy Alvernaz, Gloria
Alward, Sean
Alward, Sharon
Alzeri, Basil
Am, Chinch -
Amadio, Victor Louis -
Amagoalik, Simeonie -
Amamartua, Annie
  • Amamartua, Annie Passauralu
  • Alasua
  • Amamatuak
  • Amatuak
Amanda PL
  • PL, Amanda
Amann, Greg
Amantea, Carlo -
Amantea, Gisele -
Amantea, Peter
Amar, Georgia

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