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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Amar, Joseph -
Amar, Michael -
Amaral, Tony
Amaro, Juli-Ann
Amarook, Michael
  • Amarouk
  • Amaruq
Amason, Alvin Eli
Ambacia, Vera
Ambedian, Michael J.
Amberg, Nicholas
Ambers, Fah
Amberstone, Celu
Ambler, Dawne
Ambroise, Dominique
Ambrose, Averill
Ambrose, Ed
Ambrose, Patricia
  • Greer, Patricia
Ambrose, Sharel
Amée, Jacques-Pierre
Ameen, Ann, Sister
  • Sharpe, Annie
Amell, Ian
  • Amell, Ian William
Amenta, Jennifer
Amenta, Roberto
Amenta, Salvatore -
Ameri, Yassaman
Ames, Anthony
Ames, Les
Amess, Elizabeth
  • Audrey, Elizabeth
  • Audrey, Betty
Amess, Frederick
  • Amess, Frederick Arthur
Amey, Gerry
Amiel, Jennifer -
Amiot, Laurent -
Amiot, Louise
  • L. Amiot et S. Bergeron, architectes
Amiot, Patrick -
Amir, Amin
Amir, Sefi
Amiri, Hangama -
Amis, Ric
Amisich, Curtis
Amisson, Kathryn
Amit, Zalman
Amitay, Jonny
  • Amitay
  • Amitay, Jonathan
  • Amitnaaq, Hattie
  • Qablutsiaq
  • Qablutsiak
  • Kablutsiak
  • Amitnaaq
  • Hattie Amit'naaq
Amittu, Aisa
  • Isa
  • Aviliaju
  • Ammittu
  • Aisaapi
  • Amattuk
Amituk, Johnny
Amituk, Syollie
  • Saijuli
  • Arpatuk
  • Awp
  • Amittu
  • Amitook
  • Sarwillie
Amm, Sophia Sulatycka
Amnotte-Dupuis, Antoine
Amonite, Doug
Amorales, Carlos -
Amoroso, Nadia

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