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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Anderson, Laura
Anderson, Leona
Anderson, Leslie
Anderson, Lola Lee
Anderson, Lynne
Anderson, Mabel Garfield Fender
Anderson, Margot
Anderson, Marguerite Doernbach
  • Anderson, Peggy
  • Doernbach, Marguerite
  • Doernbach, Peggy
Anderson, Marilyn
Anderson, Marion R.
  • Anderson, Marion Redrupp
  • Redrupp, Marion Anderson
Anderson, Mark
  • Anderson, Mark George
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Michael
Anderson, Morna MacLellan
  • Anderson, Morna
  • MacLellan Anderson, Morna
  • MacLellan, Morna
  • Anderson, Norman, Mrs.
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Nancy Madeleine
Anderson, Norman
Anderson, Pam
Anderson, Parks
Anderson, Pat
Anderson, Patricia
Anderson, Phyllis
Anderson, Rae
Anderson, Randall
  • Anderson, Randy
Anderson, Ray
Anderson, Ri
Anderson, Rob
Anderson, Robert J.
Anderson, Rose
Anderson, Ross
Anderson, Sam
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, Stacey
Anderson, Stewart
  • Anderson, Stu
Anderson, Tim
Anderson, Tobey
  • Anderson, Tobey C.
Anderson, Tom
  • Phat Tommy
Anderson, Violet
Anderson, W.
Anderson, Wally
Anderson, Wesley
Andherson, Wryly
Andic, Mike
Andison, Lois
Andolsek, Charlie
Andoniadis, Katherine
Andraos, Mouna
André, Françoise
  • Stegeman, Charles, Mrs.
André, Jacques

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