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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Akester, Nancy
Akesuk, Latcholassie
  • Latcholassie
  • Lachaulassie
  • Lassaulaasi
Akhavan, Abbas
Akhlaq, Nurahan
Akhtar, Taj
Akhter, Ferdous
Akimoto, Shinobu
Akinbolaji, Yisa
Akins, Barbara
Akitirq, Pauloosie
  • Akittirq
  • Akitirq
Akiyama, Mitchell
Akkanashoonark, Barnabus
  • Arnasungaaq, Barnabus
  • Angrnasugaaq, Barnbabus
  • Arknasungark, Barnabus
  • Arnasungnaaq, Barnabus
  • Akkanarshoonak, Barnabus
Akkerman, Tony
Akkermans, Jennifer
Akl, Karolina
Akpaliapik, Manasie
  • Paneeloo
  • Akpaliapi
  • Akpaleapik
  • Akpialik
Akrey, Donna
Akroyd, Jack
Aksadjuak, Laurent
Akse, Jennie
Akselrod, Sid
Akstinas, Joseph
Akula, George
Akulik, Thomas
Akulukjuk, Enukee
  • Enookie
  • Inookee
  • Inukee
Akulukjuk, Geeshee
Akulukjuk, Hanna
Akulukjuk, Jeetaloo
  • Geetaloo
  • Akukjuk
Akulukjuk, Malaya
  • Malaiya
  • Malia
  • Kilapik
Al Abid, Ahmad
Alain, Claude
Alain, Michelle
  • Ling, Michelle
Alain, Noël
Alain, Phil
Alain, Susan Brainerd
  • Brainerd Alain, Susan
Alam, Aayshah
Alam, Shaheen
Alam, Sultan
Alamgir, A. K. M.
Alan, Bea
  • O'Loughlin, Rose Beatrice Bergeron
Alaniz, Arnold
Alariaq, Adamie
  • Adamie
  • Allaviak
  • Ootochie
  • Ootoochie
Alaric, Kara
Alarie-Brousseau, Réjeanne
  • Brousseau, Réjeanne Alarie
Alarie-Dubois, Ghislaine
  • Dubois, Ghislaine Alarie
Alary, Jean-Paul
Alary, Zénon
  • Alarie, Zénon
Alary Perreault, Régine
  • Perreault, Régine Alary
Alary-Peyrard, Hélène
  • Peyrard, Hélène Alary
Alashuak, Alice

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