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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Amos, Bob
Amos, John
  • Amos, John Emerson
Amos, Louis A. (Louis Auguste)
  • Amos, L. A. (Louis Auguste)
  • Cox & Amos
  • L.A. & P.C. Amos, Architects
Amos, Patrick
Amos, Pierre Charles
  • L.A. & P.C. Amos, Architects
Amos, Robert
  • Amos, Robert Edward
Amos, Rylan
Amos, Sarah
Amos, Scott
Amos, Susan Ward
  • Ward Amos, Susan
Amos, Vernon
Amsden, Philip Hennell
Amsden, Steve
Amsden, Ted
Amun, Numa
Amundsen, Richard
Amundson, Dale
Amy, Bud
Amyot, Charles
Amyot, Elaine
  • Amyot-Anderson, Elaine
Amyot, Laurent
Amyotte, Josée
  • Dal Bo, Dana
  • Soubiran, An (Alexandre-Nicolas)
Anaittuq, Augustin
  • Annaitok
  • Anaitug
Anaittuq, Sabina
Ananak, Sammy
  • Sammy, Ananack
Anand, Simranpreet
Anand, S. V. Andy
  • Anand, Andy
Ananny, Terry
Anantawan, Songsak
Anawak, Donat
  • Anaruk
  • Anaruak
  • Anaroar
Ancerl, Suzan
  • Ancerl, Suzan Ann
Ancheta, John
Andel, Ashley
Anderian, Raffi
Anders, Caroline
Anders, Eunice
  • Anders, Eunice Biggar
  • Anders, Franklin O., Mrs.
Andersen, Aksel
  • Andersen, Aksel H.
Andersen, Claus
Andersen, Glen
Andersen, Helen
  • Andersen, Helen Severson McKay
Andersen, Ken
Andersen, Kirsten
Andersen, Robert
Anderson, Alec
Anderson, Alexander Caulfield
Anderson, Alfred
Anderson, Alice

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