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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Zigby, Josette
  • Brossean Zigby, Josette
Zilberberg, Alice
Zilberman, Mala
Zilli, Luigia
Zillinger, Magdalina
  • Pilon, Raymond
Zilys, Stasys
Zimbel, George S.
  • Zimbel, George
Zimerman, M.
Zimmer, Morand Herman -
Zimmerman, Carl
  • Zimmerman, Carl David
Zimmerman, Darlene
Zimmerman, Floyd -
Zimmerman, Idessa
  • Zimmerman, Idessa Caroline
Zimmerman, Leonie
Zimmerman, Robert
Zimmermann, H. Werner (Heinz Werner)
  • Zimmerman, H. Werner
  • Zimmermann, H. Werner
  • Zimmermann, Heinz Werner
  • Zimmermann, Werner
Zimmermann, Jitka -
Ziner, Joe
Ziner, Zeka
Zinger, Jim -
Zinkan, Judith
Zinner, Jody
Zinniker, George -
Zinszer, William Karl -
Zipp, Collin
Zips, Peter
Ziraldo, Lorena
Zirczy, Helene -
Zissoff, Mary Jane
Zits, Johannes
Zittrer, Barbara
Ziuraitis, Regina -
Zmur, Misco -
Znaty, Maria
Znotin, Alex
  • Znotin, Alexander Kaspar
Zoell-Balcewich, Jeannette
  • Balcewich, Jeannette Zoell
Zogmayer, Léo
Zohar, Ron -
Zolkower, Rick
Zoller, Jean-Claude -
Zolnai, Kathryn
Zoltvany, Bela -
Zoltvany-Smith, A.
Zonena, Benson -
Zora, Marline -
Zoran, M.B.
  • Zoran, Mike Beatovich
Zoric, Bojan -

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