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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Aboud, Charles
Aboud, Isam
Aboud, Leslie
Aboumrad, Catherine
Abounourinejad, Shamim
Abra & Balharrie
Abraham, Gray
Abraham, James
Abraham , Mary B.
  • Abram, May
Abraham, Michael
Abraham, Robert
  • Abraham, Bob
Abraham, Roger
Abrahamson, Kirsten
Abrahamson, Una
  • Abrahamson, Una Stella
  • Golding, Una Stella
Abram, John
Abramian, Anait
Abramowitz, Lorne
Abrams, Claudette
Abrams, John
Abrams, Rhonda
Abrams, Sharon
Abrams-Lytton, G. M.
  • Abrams-Lytton, Georgina M.
  • Abrams-Lytton, Jean
  • Lytton, Jean Abrams
  • Lytton, G.M. Abrams
Abramson, Beverley
Abramson, Henry S.
  • Abramson, H. S.
  • Abramson, Henry
Abrate, Angelo
Abrieu, Jean-Marc
Abrieu, Liane
Abuda, Darlene
Abuda, Robert
Accleton, Chuck
Ace, Barry
  • Ace, Barry Douglas
Ace, Henry
Aceti, Michael
Aceves, Gabriela
Achard, Maurice
Acheson, David
Achim, Normand
Achjadi, Diyan
Achmann, Andrew G.
Achong, Deanne
Achorn, Johanne Jutras
  • Jutras Achorn, Johanne
Achtemichuk, Robert
  • Achtemichuk, Robert Brian
  • Achtemichuk, Bob
Acierno, Mickie
Acker, Harold
Acker, Syd
  • Acker, Sydney Eugene
Ackerman, Fiona
Ackerman, Martin
Ackerman, Mollie Lillian
Ackerman, Nance
  • Ackerman, Nancy
Ackerman, Peter

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