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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Kim-Lambert, Yong Sook
  • Lambert, Yong Sook Kim
Kimm, D.
Kimmett, Virginia
Kimpton, Allan
Kinamore, Diane
Kinasevych, Orest
Kincaid, Sheila
Kinch, Janine
Kinder, Benjamin
Kinderdyk, Maria
Kindersley, David
Kindness, Irene
Kindzierski, Lovern
King, Agnes Gardner
King, Alan
King, Alan
King, Alan
King, Allan
King, Andrew
King, Andrew
King, Anne
King, Barry F.
  • King, Barry
King, Bonnie
King, Bruce Anthony
King, Byron Lance
King, Carmel
King, Celia
King, Cheryl
King, Chris
King, Conrad
King, Eleanor
King, Ethel M.
King, Gillian
King, Harold S.
King, Holly
King, Janet
King, Jeff
King, Jimmy
  • Ka-Kwa-Ga-La of Kingcome Inlet
King, John
King, Jonathan R.
King, Kris
King, Lance
King, Lawrence
  • King, Lawrence F.
King, Lee
King, Leslie
King, Manson Derrick
King, Margaret
King, Marilyn
King, Marjorie Mackenzie
King, Michael

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