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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
MacLeod, Gary
MacLeod, Grace
  • Roberts, Grace MacLeod
MacLeod, Hazel Parks
  • MacLeod, D. J., Mrs.
MacLeod, Heather
MacLeod, Hilda
MacLeod, Ian
MacLeod, Jan
MacLeod, Jocelyn
MacLeod, John O.
MacLeod, Kathryn
MacLeod, Laura
MacLeod, Linda
MacLeod, Malcolm
Macleod, Marlene
MacLeod, Marthe
  • Mac Leod, Marthe
MacLeod, Mary Anne
MacLeod, Michaela
MacLeod, Myfanwy
MacLeod, Norman, Mrs.
MacLeod, Pegi Nicol
  • MacLeod, Margaret Kathleen Nicol
  • MacLeod, Pegi Nichol
  • McLeod, Pegi Nicol
  • Nichol, Pegi
  • Nicol, Pegi
Macleod, Scott
  • Macleod, G. Scott
  • Raza Group
MacLeod, Sondra
MacLeod, Sylvia
Maclure, Margaret Catherine
  • Maclure, Margaret C.
  • Simpson, Margaret
Maclure, Samuel
  • McClure, Samuel
Mac Mahon, Eamon
MacMain, Joy
Macmillan, Anne
MacMillan, Don
MacMillan, Duncan Park
Macmillan, Gary
MacMillan, Helen
MacMillan, Jack
MacMillan, Jane
  • MacMillan, Jane Grace Elizabeth
MacMillan, Jessie Ann
MacMillan, Jim
  • Jamac
  • MacMillan, James
MacMillan, Michael
MacMillan, Monty
MacMillan, Olive
  • MacMillan, James, Mrs.
MacMillan, Trudy
MacMillian, Margaret
MacMullen, William
MacMullin, Dale
MacMurray, Norma I.
Macnab, Bonny
Macnab, Daav
Macnab, F. J. (Frederick J.)
  • Macnab, Frederick J.
MacNab, John
Mac Namara, Aoife
  • MacNamara, Aoife
Macnamara, Charles

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