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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Phillips, Walter J.
  • Phillips, Walter Joseph
  • Phillips, W. J.
Phillips, Walter John Herbert
  • Phillips, Walter
Phillips, Wendell
Phillips, William
Phillipson, Gisela Stanislava
Phillis, Carl
Phillis, Christopher
Philp, Andrea
Philp, Barry
Philp, Donald
Philpott, Diana E.
Philpott, Mary
Phinney, Karen
Phipps, Darlene
Phipps, Jay
Phipps, Lynn
Phipps, Sasha
Pi, Lutzi
Piatka, Brad
Pibby, Kyra
  • Pickersgill, Peter
Picard, Armand
Picard, Arthur
Picard, Claude
  • Picard, Claude T.
Picard, Clément
Picard, Denise
Picard, Elisabeth
Picard, François
Picard, Françoise
Picard, Gaétane
Picard, Gérald
Picard, Gilles H.
Picard, James
Picard, Jean
Picard, Judith
Picard, Lorraine
Picard, Louis
Picard, Lucille Albert
  • Albert Picard, Lucille
Picard, Maurice
Picard, Paul
Picard, Raymond R.
  • Picard, Raymond
Picard, Roger
Picard, Sonja
Picard, Suzanne
Picart, Bernard
Piccin, Giancarlo
Piccioli, Ilio
Picco, James
Picco, Jim

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