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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Pilon, Victor
Pilon-Vallée, Johanne
Pilot, Robert W. (Robert Wakeham)
  • Pilot, R. W.
  • Pilot, Robert W.
  • Pilot, Robert Wakeham
Pilote, Clode
Pilote, Lucie
Pilote, Monic
Pilote, Victorien
Pils, Herman
Pilurtuut, Kullulu
Pilutik, Lucille
Pim, William H.
Pimentel, Frank
Pimentel, George
Pimentel, Jennifer
Pimiskern, Vic
Pimlott, Mark
Pimm, Don
Pimparé, Michel
Pin, Geno
Pinard, Pierre
Pinaud, Sonia
Pinay, Dwight
Pinay, Lloyd
Pinch, Patricia
Pinchbeck, Irene
  • Pinchbeck, Cyril, Mrs.
Pinchin, Ken
Pincock, Alexandra
Pinder, Ann
Pinder, Don
Pinder, William George
Pindikowsky, Alexander
Pine, Michael
  • Pine, John Michael
Pine, Monica
Pineau, Cécile
Pineau, Terry
Pineault, Anita
Pineault, Ann
Pineault-Plante, Georgette
  • Plante, Georgette Pineault
Pines, Beatrice
Ping, Chau
Pingwartok, Ulayu
  • Pingwartuk, Ulayu
  • Ulayu
  • Ulayo
  • Ulayoo
  • Oolayou
  • Olayoo
  • Ulaya
Pingwatuk, Makituk
Pinheiro, Andrea
Pinhey, John Charles
Pinhorn, Florence Maude
Piniuta, Leon
Piniuta, Marion
Pink, Patricia
Pinkerton, Amanda
Pinkerton, Constance

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