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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Blomfield, James Jervis
  • Blomfield, James J.
  • Bloomfield, James Jerris
Blomgren, Lance
Blommers, Ron
Blomquist, Lyle
Blonde, Debra
Blondeau, Benoit
Blondeau, Jackie
Blondeau, Lori
Blondeau, Steve-Michel
Blondel, Alan
Blondheim, Adolphe W.
Blondheim, Frances
Blondin, Jean
Blonowski, Wolfgang
Blood, Thomas
Bloodsworth, Paula
Bloodworth, Alex
Bloodworth, Keith
Bloom, Ann
Bloom, Bernard
Bloom, Chester
  • Bloom, Chester Abbott
Bloom, John
Bloom, Louise
Bloom, Miriam
Bloom, Peggy
Bloom, Phil
Bloom, Reginald
Bloom, Shalom
Bloom, Tony
Bloomer, Carolynn
Bloomer, Hylda
Bloomfield, Angela Auclair
  • Auclair Bloomfield, Angela
Bloomfield, Charles
Bloomfield, Edgar
Bloomfield, George
Bloomfield, Joan d'Ardry
  • D'Ardry Bloomfield, Joan
Bloomfield, Kate
Bloomfield, Kenneth
Bloomstone, Marlene
Bloore, R. L. (Ronald L.)
  • Bloore, Ronald L.
  • Bloore, Ronald Langley
  • Bloore, Ronald
Blore, Ellen
Blosser, Brock
Blostein, David
Blouin, Alexandre
Blouin, André
  • André Blouin, architecte et urbaniste
  • Blouin et Blouin, architectes
  • Blouin, Blouin et associés
  • Blouin et associés, architectes
  • Atelier Blouin et associés, architectes
  • Victor Prus, Jean Nouvel, André Blouin, James Strasman and Partners, Associated Architects
Blouin, Claude
Blouin, Danielle
Blouin, Diane
Blouin, Hélène
Blouin, Joëlle

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