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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
MacLaren, Connie
MacLaren, Frances
  • MacLaren, Frances Mary Hewson
  • MacLaren, George Edward Gordon, Mrs.
MacLaren, George Edward Gordon
MacLaughlan, Donald Shaw
  • MacLaughlin, Donald Shaw
MacLean, Alex
MacLean, Audrey
Maclean, Blair
Maclean, Brechin
MacLean, Catherine
MacLean, Catherine
MacLean, Donna
MacLean, Douglas
MacLean, Fred
MacLean, Glen
Maclean, Guillermo
Maclean, Heather Beckett
MacLean, Jamie
Maclean, Jean Munro
  • Maclean, Jean
  • Maclean, Sarah Jean Munro
  • Maclean, Lachlan A., Mrs.
  • Munro, Sarah Jean
MacLean, Julia
MacLean, Laurie
MacLean, Lisa
MacLean, Loretta
MacLean, Louise
MacLean, Melissa
MacLean, Oran
MacLean, Peter
MacLean, Robert
MacLean, Russell
MacLean, Ruth
  • MacLean, Dorothy Ruth
  • MacLean, Ruth Magel
  • Magel, Ruth
MacLean, Sandra Taylor
  • Taylor MacLean, Sandra
Maclean, Sheila
Maclean, Shirley
MacLean, Vicki
  • Golling-MacLean, Vicki
MacLean-Ellis, Shelley
  • Ellis, Shelley MacLean
MacLeay, Rosanna Stewart
  • MacLeay, Rosanna MacLeay Stewart
  • Stewart, Rosanna M.
MacLeay, Scott
  • MacLeary, Scott
MacLehose, Jean
  • MacLehose, Mme Andrew
MacLellan, Bonnie
MacLellan, Byron
MacLellan, Jack
  • MacLellan, Jack "Lily"
Maclellan, Jenna Dawn
MacLellan, John Borland
MacLennan, Ethel
MacLennan, Jack
Maclennan, Joss
MacLennan, Sharon
MacLennan, Toby
  • MacLennan, Toby Chapman
MacLennon, Ian Roy
Macleod, A.

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