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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Pierini, Alana
Piermarini, Bruce
Pierobon, Peter
Pieroway, Percy
Pierpoint, Melissa
Pierre, Gus
Pierre, Guy
Pierre, Isabelle
Pierre, Marcel
Pierre, Richard
Pierron, Father André
Pierron, Father Jean
Pierson, Patricia
Piesina, Raymond
  • Piesina, Raimundas
Pietila, Barbara
Pietrocupo, Jean-Baptiste
Pietropaolo, Vincenzo
Pietrzak, Ted
Piette, Krysia
Piette, Peter
Pigeon, Michel
Pigott, A.
Pigott, Ann
Pigott, Marjorie
Pihay, Georgette
Pii, Ole
Piitz, Brian
Pijamini, Abraham
Pijamini, Looty
Pijanka, Roman
Pijet, André
Pike, Bev
Pike, Bill
Pike, Bob
Pike, Gladys
Pike, Leonard
  • Pike, Alfred Leonard
Pike, Pam
Pike, Pauline
Pikl, Herbert
Piko, Klara
Pikula, Mary
Pikula-Sickel, Wieslawa
Pikunas, Kristina
Pilar-Cass, Eva
  • Cass, Eva Pilar
Pilby, Linda
  • Pilby, Lind
Pilch, Jean
Pilcher, Steve
Pilfold, Peter
Pilgaard, Bente

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