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Artist/Maker name Artist other names Dates
Christie, Dorothy
  • Christie, Dorothy Elizabeth
Christie, Dorothy
Christie, E. L.
Christie, Harry, Mrs.
Christie, James
Christie, Jean
Christie, Jeff
Christie, Kim
Christie, Margaret
Christie, P.
Christie, Peter
Christie, Robert E.
  • Christie, Robert
Christie, Sylvia
Christine, Marie
Christjansen, J.
Christl, Ava P.
Christl, Rudi
Christmas, Alex
Christmas, Bryce
Christmas, Dozay
  • Christmas, Arlene
  • Dozay
Christmas, Greg
Christmas, Henry, Rev.
Christmas, Ken
Christmas, Lawrence
Christmas, Mary
Christo, Nick
Christoffersen, Marnie
Christofferson, Gerda
Christophe, Jean
Christopher, Anna H.
Christopher, Gordon
Christopher, Ken
Christopher, Patrick
Christopher, Peter
Christos, Christine
Christou, Van Evangelos
Christou, Vicky
Christy, Jim
Christy, Margaret
Chrones, Lou
Chrones, Matina
Chronister, Margaret
Chruscicki, Eugene
Chrystal, Arthur
Chrystal, Katharine Daisy
Chrzan, Lil
Chu, Gene
Chu, Honsun
Chu, Ingrid
Chu, Irene

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