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Nom de l'objet : Spoon
Type de l'objet : Flatware
Catégorie de l'objet : Tools & Equipment for Materials
Sous-catégorie de l'objet : Food Processing Tools & Equipment
Matériaux : Metal, Nickel
Technique de fabrication : Cast
Numéro d'accession : No Acquisition # 2
Province d'utilisation : Newfoundland
Pays d'utilisation : Canada
Période : WWII
Description : The spoon was recovered from the USS Truxton/Pollux disaster. The spoon is made of nickel silver, and is a light brown in color. There are no obvious decorations over the surface of the utensil. The ladle and handle are all one piece, made of a continuous piece of metal. The handle does broaden out slightly at the top.
Commentaires : This spoon was recovered from the wrecks of the USS Truxton and Pollux. On February 18, 1942, a fleet of three ships the USS Truxton, Pollux, and Wilkes were travelling to Argentia, Newfoundland in a blinding snow storm. At approximately 4:30 am the Wilkes ran aground on the beach but was able to get itself unstuck. However, the 1200 ton destroyer USS Truxton crashed ashore at Chamber Cove on the outer side of the St. Lawrence. At the same time the 6085 ton supply ship USS Pollux ran aground at Lawn Point. In the disaster that followed, 293 people died and 186 survived. The survivors credit their rescue to the people of nearby Lawn and St. Lawrence who risked their lives to help the sailors.
Hauteur : 2
Longueur : 20
Largeur : 5
Unité de mesure linéaire : cm
Nombre d'objets : 1
Nombre de parties composantes : 1
Étiquette ou poinçon : There is a mark on the back of the spoon. It is a small raised decoration of an upside down "V." "Nickel Silver" is also imprinted on the back of the handle near the top of the spoon.
Établissement : Lawn Heritage Museum 
Ville de l'établissement : Lawn
Province de l'établissement : Newfoundland & Labrador

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