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Image - drawing
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Nom de l'objet : drawing
Titre : Marcus Wellington Cox, 1814-1890
Artiste ou artisan : MacDonald, Frank Smith
Catégorie de l'objet : Communication Artifacts
Sous-catégorie de l'objet : Documentary Artifact
Médium : black chalk
Support : paper
Numéro d'accession : 2010.135.1
Province d'origine : New Brunswick
Pays d'origine : Canada
Province d'utilisation : New Brunswick
Pays d'utilisation : Canada
Culture : Canadian
Date de fin de production : June 1892
Commentaires : This drawing is black chalk on wove paper, in its original oak frame with original glass and backing boards. At one time, there was a paper backing covering the backing boards. Due to the care of the donor, the condition of each piece is very good; slight air-burn marks between the cracks are visible, but not that serious and are a usual feature of works on paper. The drawing is done within the bounds of an artist-drawn oval, over which a mat with an oval cut-out was placed. It is signed and dated: F.S. Mac. / June -1892- This drawing, one of a pair, was purchased from the Dr. Malcolm MacDonald house in the 1970s. The subject is believed to be Marcus Wellington Cox (1814-1890), Cambridge, with whom Dr. Malcolm MacDonald (1836-1916) boarded from the time he began his medical practice in the 1860s. Marcus Cox is also the father of Dr. MacDonald's wife, Hulda (1842-1923), so it is reasonable to expect to find a drawing of him in their house. In the possession of Belyea descendants are several photographs of the bearded man from the 1860s, including another version of the drawing. John MacDonald Belyea (1836-1899), was married to one of Marcus Cox's other daughters, Rachel (1843-1937). The artist, Frank Smith MacDonald (1869-1893), was born 20 August 1869, the 7th child and 6th son of Reverend Alexander Black MacDonald (1831-1913) and Jemima MacDonald (1830-1912) of MacDonald's Corner, and the nephew of Dr. Malcolm MacDonald. Frank MacDonald is known within the family as a talented portrait artist; this is the first time any of his work has been identified. The drawing also appears to have been done from a photograph rather than from life; it is not an over drawn photo, but a photograph was the model rather than a live person sitting in front of the artist. Reverend A.B. was descended from the Donald MacDonald (1763-1842) line of MacDonalds who settled at Coverdale, near present day Moncton and later at Canaan, Queens County. Jemina was descended from the Loyalist Alexander MacDonald line of McDonald's Point, Queens County. The two families inter-married often in the 19th century, making for a genealogical hornet's nest! The Reverend A.B. MacDonald family were remarkably brilliant and gifted in music, writing, painting or sketching, and oratory. Several of his children migrated to the United States, enjoying careers in journalism, dentistry and business. Little is known of Frank MacDonald's early years, however it is expected he attended the local grammar schools and enjoyed the ups and downs of rural life along the Washademoak. As part of a large extended family, the comings and goings of his aunts, uncles and cousins would have provided a lively and entertaining boyhood. In the 1871 and 1881 census records, he is listed as being at home. Some time in the late 1880s young Frank left home; there is a suspicion that he was sent to sea for health reasons, but that is unconfirmed. By November 1889 he is in Cardiff, Wales, traveling on the Saint John built barque, the Highlands. Frank is home in MacDonald's Corner in 1891 and in June 1892, he creates this drawing and its mate. Frank does not appear in any official record again until December 1893. On 4 Janury 1894, the Saint John Daily Sun reported, "Narrows (Queens Co.) Jan. 2 " People here heard with regret of the death of Frank MacDonald sixth s/o Rev. A.B. MacDonald and Jemima MacDonald, 24th year. He leaves father and mother, six brothers and one sister. His funeral took place at MacDonald Corner today." Later in the month, 17 January 1894 the Saint John Messenger and Visitor reported, "Frank Smith McDonald [sic] s/o Rev. A.B. McDonald [sic] fell asleep in Jesus eve. Dec. 29, 1893, age 24 years. Rev. G.W. Springer assisted the pastor in the services." Frank is buried at the MacDonald's Corner Baptist Church near his many family members. Curiously, there is a glaring error on his tombstone. It is inscribed Frank "L" MacDonald; very odd considering all other references are to Frank Smith or Frank S. According to family lore, the cause of death was tuberculosis, a common ailment of the late 19th century. Prior to his travels or after his return, Frank was engaged to marry Charlotte (Lottie) MacDonald (1867-1947), the daughter of Joseph MacDonald (1824-1921) and Susan J. MacDonald (1829-1881), and Frank's second cousin. Lottie never married and eventually went to the United States and worked there for a many years before returning to MacDonald's Corner in her retirement. She is also buried at the MacDonald's Corner Baptist Church Cemetery. In "The MacDonalds of Washademoak Lake", Kenneth Christie and Marion Reicker make reference to Frank as "a gifted artist, for painting scenery and for crayon portraits." Had he lived it is hard to say what kind of artistic output and development Frank MacDonald might have had. As it is, he was certainly an artist of skill and talent, following in the footsteps of the great Queens County artists, Anthony Flower, who he would have known as a boy, Reverend Abraham Wood and Thomas MacDonald (no relation that we know of). His travels would have opened up other avenues of inspiration.
Hauteur : 82
Largeur : 66
Unité de mesure linéaire : cm
Signature : l.r., F.S. Mac. / -June 1892-
Établissement : Queens County Heritage
Ville de l'établissement : Gagetown
Province de l'établissement : New Brunswick
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