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Nom de l'objet : Sampler
Catégorie de l'objet : Art
Matériaux : textile, thread.
Numéro d'accession : 82.0293.0003
Date de fin de production : 1982-12-31
Description : A needlework sampler presumably made by Chloe Lincoln. The needlework was created on a background of brown fabric (likely linen). The deisgn the top is the aphabet in all capital letters followed by the name "Chloe Lincoln", "May 26, 1790" and "born August 17, 1765". Below the text are numbers 1 through 10 and a geometric design.  
Fonctions : A needlework sampler is a piece of embroidery made to show the maker's skills in needlework. It often includes the name of the maker and the date. 
Établissement : Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum  Facebook-Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum 
Ville de l'établissement : Middleton
Province de l'établissement : Nova Scotia

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