Pipe, Smoking

Nom de l'objet : Pipe, Smoking
Artiste ou artisan : S M Frank Co
Type de l'objet : Tobacco
Catégorie de l'objet : Smoking & Recreational Drug Equipment
Matériaux : Wood:briar, Synthetic:plastic.
Numéro d'accession : Y2004.37.2
Description : Cp296 is a black mouth-tipped tobacco pipe with a smooth bowl (hardly used). There is a yellow circle on the bottom of the mouth piece. Cp296.1 is also smoothed bowled but the bowl is rounder and has two horizontal grooves going around it. It has a silver stripe where the bowl and mouth piece join (silver coloured metal) and a three leaf club in white on one side. The mouth piece is squared off where it joins the bowl. Cp296.2 has a rough textured bowl joining a black mouth piece. It also has a yellow circle on the underside of the mouth piece. All three pipes are "Yello Bole" pipes and are made from imported briar.
Longueur : 4 cm
Profondeur : 3.5 cm
Établissement : Yarmouth County Museum  Facebook-Yarmouth County Museum  YouTube-Yarmouth County Museum
Ville de l'établissement : Yarmouth
Province de l'établissement : Nova Scotia

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