Medicine Bottle

Nom de l'objet : Medicine Bottle
Type de l'objet : Medicine Container
Catégorie de l'objet : Tools & Equipment for Science & Technology
Medical & Psychological T&E
Medical accessory
Matériaux : Glass
Numéro d'accession : Y2019.28.6
Description : Small/Medium size brown sized glass bottle. It has a grown glass stopper with a oblong ab to be able to lift the stopper out. There are creases on either side of the bottle from the mold it was made in. The label on it is outlined in red and the middle used to be white but aged to cream. The bottom of the label is worn off. Label read "Ether". Old adhesive is visible on the middle part of the body of the bottle. The bottom of the bottle has "60" in the glass. 
Hauteur : 10.3 cm
Largeur : 4 cm
Établissement : Yarmouth County Museum  Facebook-Yarmouth County Museum  YouTube-Yarmouth County Museum
Ville de l'établissement : Yarmouth
Province de l'établissement : Nova Scotia

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