Nom de l'objet : Box
Type de l'objet : Chocolate
Catégorie de l'objet : Merchandising T&E
Tools & Equipment for Science & Technology
Matériaux : Paper
Numéro d'accession : Y2021.12.2(A&B)
Date de début de production : 1890-01-01
Date de fin de production : 1920-12-31
Description : The lid of the box is yellow and its covered in paper. In black cursive on lid is DeWolfe's. In black typewriter print all caps is YARMOUTH, N.S. on left and on right is ONE POUND NET. The inside of the lid is beige card board with yellow paper along the edges.  Canada is handprinted on the side of the lid in pencil.  The bottom part of the box is yellow on all 4 sides. Under neath is is yellow paper along edges and cardboard brown center. The inside of bottom part of box has beige paper along edges as well as yellow.
Hauteur : 3.6 cm
Longueur : 22.4 cm
Largeur : 8 cm
Établissement : Yarmouth County Museum  Facebook-Yarmouth County Museum  YouTube-Yarmouth County Museum
Ville de l'établissement : Yarmouth
Province de l'établissement : Nova Scotia

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