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Image - Razor
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Nom de l'objet : Razor
Type de l'objet : Razor
Catégorie de l'objet : Personal Artefact
Sous-catégorie de l'objet : Toilet Article
Matériaux : metal, steel, fabric, velvet
Numéro de catalogue : AM-2009-25-21-001-003
Numéro d'accession : AM-2009-25-21-001-003
Date de début de production : 1915
Description : 001 - Razor is a gold coloured metal razor that comes in three different pieces. The handle screws on to hold the heads on. The top head has three different posts (one for screwing into the handle and other two are to hold the blade in place.) The middle piece has three holes to fit over the posts. The outer edges have teeth. The handle has been stripped and no longer screws on tightly. 002 -Small gold metal case for holding razor blades. On one side there is a small finger hole to push the blades up. 003 - Green coloured leather case with black velvet lining on the inside. Inside cover reads "Gillette, Made in USA" It has a triangle shape. Inside it has slots for each piece of the razor to fit into.
Commentaires : This razor is from the home of George Gard and is on display in the basement of the Alberton Museum. George Gard (1857-1946) was born in Mill River, Prince Edward Island, to Samuel Gard and Elizabeth (Metheral) Gard. George's ability for carpentry was realized early in his life while employed at the Port Hill Shipyard, in Port Hill, Prince Edward Island, alongside his father and grandfather. Gard left Prince Edward Island when he was a young man, to reside in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. This is where George's knowledge about drafting and carpentry blossomed. He left New Jersey due to the death of his brother while working on a mansion, and returned home to P.E.I. as a master builder. Gillette razors: On November 15, 1904, patent #775,134 was granted to King C. Gillette for a safety 'razor'. King Camp Gillette was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in 1855. To support himself when the family's home was destroyed in the Chicago Fire of 1871, Gillette became a traveling salesman. This work led him to William Painter, the inventor of the disposable Crown Cork bottle cap, who assured Gillette that a successful invention was one that was purchased over and over again by satisfied customer. In 1895, after several years of considering and rejecting possible inventions, Gillette suddenly had a brilliant idea while shaving one morning. It was an entirely new razor and blade that flashed in his mind—a razor with a safe, inexpensive, and disposable blade. It took six years for Gillette's idea to evolve. During that time, technical experts told Gillette that it would be impossible to produce steel that was hard, thin, and inexpensive enough for commercial development of the disposable razor blade. Then in 1901, MIT graduate William Nickerson agreed to try. By 1903, he had succeeded. Production of the Gillette ® safety razor and blade began as the Gillette Safety Razor Company started operations in South Boston. Sales grew steadily. During World War I, the U.S. Government issued Gillette safety razors to the entire armed forces. By the end of the war, some 3.5 million razors and 32 million blades were put into military hands, thereby converting an entire nation to the Gillette safety razor. Reference:
Hauteur : 5
Longueur : 9.5
Largeur : 7.5
Unité de mesure linéaire : cm
Étiquette ou poinçon : printed on case: Gillette/made in USA
Établissement : Alberton Museum
Ville de l'établissement : Alberton
Province de l'établissement : Prince Edward Island
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