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Image - Letter
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Nom de l'objet : Letter
Type de l'objet : Letter
Catégorie de l'objet : Communication Artifacts
Sous-catégorie de l'objet : Documentary Artifact
Matériaux : Fibre
Numéro de catalogue : VM.2002.203.030a-c
Numéro d'accession : VM.2002.203.030a-c
Date de fin de production : 1951
Description : 3 page letter November 16, 1951, handwritten in blank ink on yellow ruled paper, from John Watson, stationed in Korea, to his parents living in Summerside, PEI.
Commentaires : From the James Watson collection. James Watson (March 31, 1931- November 20, 1951) was a gunner with the Royal Canadian Artillery, 2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (2 RCHA). He started his army career January 26, 1951 and served and died in Korea November 20, 1951 just four days after sending this letter.
Hauteur : 29.3
Largeur : 22.9
Translittération de l'inscription : VM2002.203.030a : "Nov 16th/51 / Korea / Dear Mom & Dad; / Just a few lines to / say I've got your parcel and was very / glad to hear from you. / The boy's sure went for the / can lobster & chicken, that / didn't last very long. / It cost quiet [sic] a bit as I seen / it on the can when I opened / the parcel up. / And I also got the papers you / sent all at the same time. / Well mom how is everything at / home I hope you are all well / Earl & Ant Minnie, too, and all the rest. / I sent you all a xmas card. / Earl, Minnie, Mrs. McNeil, Wallase & / his wife, Lie and his wife and also / Doc. Thats [sic] all the cards I could get hold of. / Well mom I hope you have a very nice / xmas, and the rest of the family too. / I think were going to have a nice / xmas over here too. The American Red / Cross is putting at on. They sure VM2002.203.030b : 2- / are doing beautiful work / over here to keep the soldiers / moral up. / I see by one of the of the papers / you had quiet [sic] a lot of snow we / never saw snow as yet / but we will. / It rained all this week as yet / but last week it was like a / summer in June. / I think I'm going of on leave around / the last of January or the first of / February so when I do I'll send / you some souvenirs and some presents / I'm putting in my receipt for my / war bond. I said I had a $300.00 / war bond but I haven't now they / wouldn't give it to me, they said / I had to have a quarter of my pay / in my book. So they gave me a $100.00 war bond so that's it takes care of that. / Did dad sell his car yet? I think / when I get out of the army I will / have enough money to bye [sic] a fairly / new one. VM2002.203.030b : 3- / The rest of the fellows which / just came over with us just came / to Korea yesterday and did the guys ever give them a raz. We were fireing [sic] over this hill and / they asked us what were we fireing [sic] / at and we said it was chinese [sic] / on the other side if the hill. / And that night I let them smoked three pbs [?] cigs each one of them / boy did the fellows ever get them / scared. / Well Mom you wanted to know when / I got the parcel well I got it 4 / days ago and to-day is the 16th. / Mom will you send me a pair of gloves / I have a pair of mits [sic] but they are not / worth a darn. / Well Mom I guess that's all for now / Say hello to Bill & Rinie for me. / Love / Sunny / and a very / happy / xmas.
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Province de l'établissement : Prince Edward Island
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