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Image - Uniform
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Nom de l'objet : Uniform
Type de l'objet : Uniform
Catégorie de l'objet : Personal Artifact
Sous-catégorie de l'objet : Clothing, Outerwear
Matériaux : Fibre, Fabric, Cotton, Wool
Metal, Brass
Numéro de catalogue : VM.2008.005.001
Numéro d'accession : VM.2008.005.001
Date de début de production : 1950c
Date de fin de production : 1970c
Description : Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) uniform; light olive green, dark green, gold, silver, red, blue and yellow. Shoulders have epaulets held by buttons; right epaulet has a pin which reads, "PPCLI"; collar is V shaped and has two collar badges; collar badges show a crown with rays going downward to the word, "PATRICIA'S" over top a bugle; a green lanyard is attached to the left shoulder and to the button of the left breast pocket; four silver buttons 3cm diameter, 9cm apart; two breast pockets with single brass button; the four large silver buttons and the two smaller brass pocket buttons bear the letters, "VP" topped by a crown; two breast pockets each have centre pleats; above the left breast pocket is a five ribbon bar (1939-1945 Star, The War Medal 1939-1945, Canadian Korea Medal, United Nations Service Medal Korea, and the Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal ); two hidden hip pockets have only top flaps visible with brown cotton twill; belt loops on back of jacket; sleeves each have three chevrons in gold thread on rifle green melton fabric with brown background; St. Edwards crown above chevrons indicate a rank of staff sergeant.
Commentaires : This uniform possibly belonged to Evan Soniers (Army # F59792) of Water Street Summerside, who fought in both WWII and the Korean War. Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry was named for Lady Patricia Ramsay, formerly her Royal Highness Princess Patricia of Connaught. The regiment was founded in 1914. The VP on the button id her royal cipher V= Victoria P= Patricia. She was Queen Victoria's granddaughter. Her father, Field Marshall HRH Prince Arthur, was Governor General of Canada in 1911. The bugle horn was incorporated into all badges of Light Infantry and Rifle Regiments as a reminder of its original role to convey orders to troops. St. Edwards crown was used after Queen Elizabeth the second became Queen in 1952. Ribbons 1939-1945 Star- Three equal stripes of dark blue, red and light blue representing navy, army and air force. The star awarded for six months service on active operations for Army and Navy 02 Sept 1939 and 08 May 1945 (Europe) 02 1945 (Pacific) The War Medal 1939-1945 - Seven colored stripes; red, dark blue, white, narrowed (center), white, dark blue, and red. Was issued 16 August 1945. Awarded to full time personnel of the armed forces and merchant marines for serving 28 days between 03 Sept 1939 and 02 Sept 1945. Canadian Korea Medal- Five equal stripes: yellow, blue, yellow, blue and yellow. The medal was instituted in 1951 for service from 02 July 1950 to 27, July 1953. United Nations Service Medal Korea- Seventeen alternating striped of blue and white with blue on each edge. Serving one day under United Nations command in Korea or adjacent areas including Japan and Okinawa. The medal could also be awarded for an aggregate of 30 days, which need not be consecutive, spent on official visits of inspection to qualifying area. Qualifying period was 27, June 1950 - 27 July 1954. Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal- Crimson ribbon with white stripes at each end.
Longueur : 71
Largeur : 42
Translittération de l'inscription : bottom right jacket : "TIP TOP TAILORS LTD/ ARMY JACKET/ SUMMER DRESS/ 1951-53/ SIZE NO. 5/ HEIGHT 5'5 TO 5'6 BREAST 37/ 1949 PATTERN
Établissement : Veterans Memorial Military Museum
Ville de l'établissement : Kensington
Province de l'établissement : Prince Edward Island
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