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Image - Box
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Nom de l'objet : Box
Type de l'objet : Box
Catégorie de l'objet : Furnishings
Sous-catégorie de l'objet : Furniture
Matériaux : wood, birch, pine, fibre
Numéro de catalogue : 1062
Numéro d'accession : 1062
Date de début de production : c 1800
Date de fin de production : c 1860
Description : Box, Candle; wood, metal, iron; rectangular shaped wooden box; each side made from a rectangle of flat wood, butt joints; front portion nailed to side pieces; rectangular shaped wooden lid, bevelled, rests flush with upper edge of box sides; constructed with hand forged nails
Commentaires : This candle box is located in the Doucet House at the Farmer's Bank of Rustico site. Built around 1770, the Doucet house is the oldest house in the Rustico area, and possible on all of Prince Edward Island. The residence was originally situated on Grand-Pere (now Cymbria) and was inhabited continuously by descendents of the Doucet families until 1982, when it was purchased as a summer residence. Soon it was offered by the owner for removal from his land or was slated to be torn down. The Farmer's Bank of Rustico moved the house to their site and began a full restoration in 2003. The Doucet house now houses a collection of early Acadian artefacts. Candle boxes such as this were common sights in not only Acadian homes. Used to hold candles, these boxes offered a safe storage area for the invaluable candles held within. Often at this time, candles were more often made from tallow than from beeswax. Tallow is a rendered form of beef or mutton fat. It is solid at room temperature. Tallow candles required storage that was rodent-proof and located in a cool place. Candles consisted of a wick made from loosely twisted threads encrusted with tallow or wax, in a cylindrical form. Coarse cotton thread made the best wicking material. Homespun wicking often burned unevenly and flared. The heat of the flame once the candle was lit melted the solid tallow, forming a tiny, but constantly replenishing reservoir of fuel at the base of the wick. The spent portion of the candle needed to be trimmed before the candle could be lit again. Tallow dips (or candles) were the mainstay of domestic lighting- wicks were braid, cut to the desired length, then looped and hung over a rounded stick. A number of dipping rods (rounded sticks), each holding 12-15 wicks, were prepared in advance to making the candles. The wicks were then repeatedly 'dipped' into a container nearly full of warm water, with melted tallow floating on top- some of the tallow would adhere to the cotton wicking, this was then removed and allowed to cool while another dipping rod was started. Dipping was repeated until the desired length and width was achieved. Once they were cool, the candles were stored in a box similar to this to ensure they were not eaten and destroyed by rodents. Candle making was often done in time with the butchering of beef, often in the fall when stores are being prepared for the long winter months.
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Établissement : Farmers' Bank of Rustico
Ville de l'établissement : Hunter River
Province de l'établissement : Prince Edward Island
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