Nom de l'objet : Book
Discipline : social history
Matériaux : paper, cloth
Numéro d'accession : 05.52.1
Culture : New Brunswick
Description : taupe with brown title text (on spine); stamped front: "This Book is the Property of the Department of education..." 179 pp., including answers; features: fractions, decimals, weights and measures, density, ratio, proportion...;14 cm X 21 cm;Palmer, C.I. and Bibb, S.F.;Practical Mathematics, Part 1, Arithmetic with Applications;1949;McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc.
Étiquette ou poinçon : stamped: Property of department of Education
Établissement : School Days Museum  Facebook-School Days Museum  Twitter-School Days Museum 
Ville de l'établissement : Fredericton
Province de l'établissement : New Brunswick

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