Nom de l'objet : book
Type de l'objet : yearbook
Discipline : social history/education
Matériaux : paper,ink
Numéro d'accession : 92.35.1
Culture : New Brunswick
Description : blue hard cover with red title text with red stylized maple leaf; 161 pp. including advertising dedicated to R. Chapman; features faculty, graduates, undergraduates, sports, choir (music), art ;23 cm X 30 cm;Diane Boyce, editor;Tutoris 1967;1968;Inter-Collegiate Press of Canada, Ltd.
Commentaires : The New Brunswick Teachers' College was an normal school in Fredericton, New Brunswick which granted teaching certificates. Founded on February 10, 1848 as the Provincial Normal School with Joseph Marshall de Brett Maréchal, Baron d'Avray as principal, in 1947 it became the Teachers' College. Located at 453 Queen Street at the corner of York Street in downtown Fredericton, the building at this site was constructed after a 1929 fire destroyed the original facility which had stood since 1877. A French-language department was established in 1884 under principal Alphée Belliveau. A French-language Normal School was opened in 1968 on the University of Moncton campus in Moncton, New Brunswick. In 1973 the New Brunswick Teachers' College was closed. Teacher education was integrated into the University of Moncton and the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton as the Faculty of Education. For a time, the Teachers' College building was used by Fredericton High School until its new facility was completed after which it was remodeled to house the law courts and renamed the Justice Building. YEARBOOKS: 1600s: In the cases where newspapers existed, students pasted clippings, flowers, hair, personal notes into scrapbooks 1800s: posed photos and engraved illustrations appear, but are very expensive; photos feature only senior class members 1880s: printing technology allows for affordable, mass-produced books 1920s: not just for seniors, high school yearbooks now include school activities, staff and undergrads 1940s and 50s: not just photographs and facts, they are now tools for public relations, fund-raising and student expression 1960s: LIFE magazine style two-page spreads appear, larger photos 1980s: schools use computers and desktop publishing to produce their own yearbooks 1990s to present: yearbooks take on a journalistic style, tackling news and issues that occur beyond school walls The publisher, Inter-Collegiate press of Canada was founding in Skokie ON in 1964. Specializing in publishing yearbooks for schools across Canada, the company dissolved in 1976.
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Ville de l'établissement : Fredericton
Province de l'établissement : New Brunswick

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