Nom de l'objet : plane
Catégorie de l'objet : T&E For Materials
Sous-catégorie de l'objet : Woodworking T&E
Numéro d'accession : 1985.0006.0135
Description : WOOD BOTTOMED PLANE: Stanley-Bailey plane. Wood and metal. Wooden base with iron casting to hold cutter. Two wooden handles. Base is block of wood, flat on face, back end, top and bottom. Two sides convexly rounded. Face is.6.2cm back 4.4cm. Upper edges are rounded two front corners cut away. Top back of plane cut away to accommodate iron casting and one handle. Wedge shaped hole through wood, top to bottom, which houses cutting iron and lever cap and provides outlet for shavings. Iron casting mounted on top of wooden body is a flat piece of metal. Front rounded, raised sides which are rounded on the top along the sides of the shaving escapement to the point where the body is cut away at the back of the plane. Remainder of casing is flat extending 2.34cm beyond the end of the body. End of casing is rounded. A wedge shaped piece of metal is screwed to the top of the block behind the escapement hole. It is called the frog and has a screw projecting out of it at a 45 degree angle from vertical over which the cutter and lever are placed. A horse shoe shaped piece of metal pivots at the centre back of the frog. A wooden spherical shaped handle is attached to the top front end of the plane and an open wood handle is attached to the top back of the plane apparently by means of a rod projecting up and forward from the casing. The handle is inserted over the rod. The handle is rounded on two opposite sides and flat on the other two opposite sides. It curves forward. A projection on the top of the handle fits over the area between the thumb and the index finger. The following information is stamped on the face of the plane in a semicircle. 'STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO. NEW BRITAIN CONN.' An eagle is stamped in the wood below the writing as is 'J. HALL' which is upside down. 'J. HALL' is also stamped on the back of the plane. MEASUREMENTS: 14.2cm x 26.0cm x 7.6cm.
Département : B.C. Heritage Branch
Établissement : Fort Steele Heritage Town  Facebook-Fort Steele Heritage Town  Twitter-Fort Steele Heritage Town 
Ville de l'établissement : Fort Steele
Province de l'établissement : British Columbia

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