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Object Name: jar
Category: Tools & Equipment for Science & Technology
Discipline: Local History
Material: ceramic, stoneware
Accession Number: 2007.047.001
Culture: Canadian
Absolute Date: 1855 C
Description: Brown glazed stoneware merchants jar, with impressed script, Gooderham & Worts, Streetsville, C.W. Finger prints at bottom edge are evidence of potter holding jar as it was dipped into the glaze or slip. Small, collared mouth without cover. Slightly tapered at bottom. Rounded shoulder.
History of Use: Manufactured when Gooderham and Worts were merchants in Streetsville, prior to their setting up a distillery in Toronto.
Height: 16.00
Unit-Linear: cm
Institution: Peel Heritage Complex
Institution City: Brampton
Institution Province: Ontario
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