prophylactic foam powder

Nom de l'objet : prophylactic foam powder
Artiste ou artisan : None
Classification de l'objet : Family Planning Contraceptive Agents, Female
Matériaux : metal: silver paper: light green
Numéro d'accession : 003006007
Date de fin de production : 1950
Date absolue : Circa
Description : A cylindrical metal canister containing prophylactic foam powder; the canister has a movable top with ten round holes in a start-shaped pattern; the top can be turned to line up with holes under it and allow the contents of the canister to be shaken out; there is a printed paper label attached around the full length of the canister, leaving only the top and bottom uncovered; the bottom of the canister has an inset round lid with a flat outer lip that can be taken off to remove large quantities of the powder.
Nombre de parties composantes : 1
Établissement : Museum of Health Care at Kingston  Facebook-Museum of Health Care at Kingston  Twitter-Museum of Health Care at Kingston  YouTube-Museum of Health Care at Kingston
Ville de l'établissement : Kingston
Province de l'établissement : Ontario

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