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Uxbridge Historical Centre (Uxbridge-Scott Museum & Archives)
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Nom de l'objet : Hat
Type de l'objet : Top
Classification de l'objet : Hat, Top
Catégorie de l'objet : Personal Artifacts
Sous-catégorie de l'objet : Clothing -- Headwear
Discipline : Local History
Matériaux : fur, leather[?], fabric
Numéro d'accession : 973.48.1
Description : This is a black, fur top hat. It is cylindrical in shape with a flat top and brim at the bottom. Around the bottom edge is a band of black ribbon fastened with a buckle. The fur is worn at the top edges. On the inside, at the top, it says: "Coleman's Super fine Toronto C.W.". Also on the inside, the name "Mrs. Harman Crosby" is written in pencil.
Commentaires : This fur top hat belonged to Joseph Gould (1808-1886). The hat is part of a larger display of artifacts that illustrate the Quaker heritage of the Uxbridge area. Joseph Gould was born near the end of 1808 on Quaker Hill, just north of where the Uxbridge Historical Centre (Uxbridge-Scott Museum and Archives) is located. In 1832, he bought property from John Plank which included Elgin Pond and a saw mill. When Gould got the mill running, the business side of his life started to unfold. In 1831, Gould had attended a local meeting of people from Uxbridge and Reach townships at which William Lyon Mackenzie preached against the government. Mackenzie asked Gould to become the leader of the rebels from the Uxbridge area and after some convincing from his comrades, he took on the challenge. In the 1837 Rebellion, Gould and his group of rebels were captured. Following a trial, Gould was jailed at Fort Henry near Kingston until October 1838. Joseph Gould gained his freedom before the end of 1838, and returned to the valley to resume business and marry Mary James from Quaker Hill. Gould worked hard to get the railway into Uxbridge and later on left the finances to build the beautiful library which stands on the corner of Toronto and Brock Street in Uxbridge. In 1853, he was elected Provisional Warden of the new Ontario County and was Uxbridge Township's first reeve. The next year, he became the first Member of Parliament for the Riding of Ontario North, a position he held for several years.
Hauteur : 7.00
Largeur : 8.00
Diamètre extérieur : 6.50
Unité de mesure linéaire : inches
Établissement : Uxbridge Historical Centre (Uxbridge-Scott Museum & Archives)
Ville de l'établissement : Uxbridge
Province de l'établissement : Ontario
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