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Nom de l'objet : Deed
Numéro de catalogue : 002.002.002
Date absolue : 1796
Description : Deed - Lot 15, Concession 1:;- Material: Sheep Skin;- Dated : 1806;- Province of Upper Canada;;** Note: The Land Deed was given to Mrs Ann McDonnell in 1806, widow of the late Alexander McDonnell. Along with the deed is a typed letter (see the tab entitled Notes) by the donors mother Mrs. Russell Cameron stating clearly what is written on the deed and a detailed history of the sale of the land over the years.
Commentaires : TYPED AS WRITTEN:;Wording from a letter attached to the deed by the donor.(Mrs Russell Cameron) mother of E.R. Skafte.;Danehurst Farm. East Front. R.R.1 Cornwall, On;According to the original grant, the land of our farm, the west half of lot 15, 100 acres, was first settled or surveyed year 1796. And "George the third, by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King, defender of the faith have given and granted unto Ann McDonnell, widow of Alexander McDonnell, the seventh day of April in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and six.(1806) and the forty sixth of our reign. The said Ann McDonnell, her heirs and assigned forever. Saving nevertheless to Us(the King) all mines of gold and silver that shall or may be all white pines, trees that shall or may now hereafter grow or be growing on any part of said land. The farm was sold for the first time the seventieth day of July 1837 by Ann McDonnell to Alexander McDonnell for the sum of 250 pounds of lawful money, together with all house, outhouses, woods, and waters; apparently Ann McDonnell could not write, her signature was marked by an X. Thus: her Ann X McDonnell mark. The deed was registered by D.Cameron. registrar, The second day of February 1858 Alexander McDonnell(McDonald) sold fifty acre of land being the west half of lot 15 to Duncan McDonald for the sum of fifty pounds of lawful money of Canada. Then on the 25th day of April 1863 Alexander McDonald sold the east half of the farm containing 50 acre of land to Duncan G. McDonald for four hundred dollars of lawful money. Alexander G. McDonald could not write his own name but used an X for his signature on the seventieth day August 1864. An interesting agreement was made between 15 lot owners of the front concession wherein all members of the said party and his servants granted the right and license to enter upon and go over across and along their lots, also have the right to hunt and kill any fowls and game on said land, but not destroy any crop or not give permission to any other persons not being member of said party. This agreement was to stand for a period of ten years.Later the farm was sold by Duncan G. McDonald to Dan Cameron. The farms name then known as "Heather Brae". After Dan Cameron dead the farm was then taken over by Russel Cameron. At a later date Angus Cameron a brother to Russel Cameron was given a few acres of land located south of the highway on west half of the farm. Angus Cameron sold the land located south of the highway on the west half of the farm. Angus Cameron sold this land to Philip Baker, who erected a summer cottage close to the water front, on the south west part of the land. Philip Baker sold four lots out of the remaining piece of land, one lot facing the river and three lots facing the highway. Later in 1936 he sold his own property to Peter Bonneville in Cornwall. Some time after Russel Camerons death, in the spring of 1934 the farm was sold to C.C Munro a coal merchant from Cornwall. On the23th day of May 1934 C.C. Munro sold all of the land north of the highway containing some 90 acres of land also all the houses, barns and other outbuildings which all were located south of the highway to the present owner, Evind Skafte. C.C. Munro took upon himself the responsibility to move all said buildings to a new location some 300 ft. north of the highway. The farm is now known as Danehurst Farm C.C. Munro reserved the 3 acres of land south of the highway on which he built seven summer homes. The second day November 1934 the farm burned down to the ground and in its place is build a modern bungalow. This is the known history of the farm located on the west half lot 15 front concession. Charlottenburg Township, County of Glengarry. All these dates and names are believed to be true and correct and carried up to this date the first day of March in the year of One thousand nine hundred and fifty.
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