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Oral History

Image - Oral History
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Nom de l'objet : Oral History
Catégorie de l'objet : Documentary artifact
Numéro d'accession : 2019.12.09
Date de début de production : 2019-03-24
Date de fin de production : 2019-03-24
Description : 26 minutes and 23 seconds of colour digital video footage with audio. Recording is of Bruce Rainnie interviewing Hall of Famer Mary Beth Bowie for the Legends of the Hall television program on Eastlink TV. .mp4 file, 1.78 gb.
Commentaires : 031032419Legends of the Hall: Mary Beth Bowie00:00 - 02:25 - Introductions, Bruce talking about how her career started on the Creighton Park Elementary school fields. Mary talks about how she would be one of the few girls who would play soccer with the boys. She talks about that being the foundation of her soccer career. Mary talks about playing many sports, but she talks about having a bit more affinity for soccer.02:25 - 04:05 - Tenacious, desire and focus were words used to describe Mary Beth. Mary says it came a lot from her father who was very competitive, in sports and academically. Mary talks about wanting to win and wanting to be the best on her teams.04:05 - 06:55 - Mary talks about being demanding on the field as her best and her worst quality. Mary talks about players not wanting to play against her but liked her off the field. Mary talks about her competitiveness and her aggressiveness on the field.06:55 - 08:45 - Bruce talks about a story of Mary and her younger sister Erica where Mary was losing a race and Mary thought she was letting her win and she got mad at Erica. Bruce asks how she chose Dalhousie. Mary talks about how the Dal coach was also the national team coach at the time.08:45 - Break - On Screen - Mary Beth was named the CIAU Rookie of the Year at Dalhousie University, and was two-time All-Canadian.09:20 - 12:15 - Bruce asks what took Mary from Dal to the states to play. Mary talks about missing out on the tryouts for the national team in 1998 because of an injury, therefore missing out on the 1999 world cup. In 1999 Mary Beth talks about another player mentioning going to the states and saying, why not? Mary talks about it as being a very difficult decision but now she had played in the world cup and could get in in the states. A fellow Nova Scotian helped her reach out to an assistant coach in the states.12:15 - 14:00 - Mary talks about always being a starter in the states and playing better there. Mary talks about how a lot of her role models coming from the states.14:00 - Video of the world cup in 1999 plays. Mary almost scored, and also started in this game.15:00 - Bruce asks what its like to wear a Canadian jersey. Mary Beth talks about it as being a dream she has finally achieved. Mary talks about how her first Canada jersey came with shorts that were very small and then they gave her the number 18 gear because they had bigger sized shorts.18:10 - Break - On Screen - Mary Beth played 4 years with the Canadian National Womens team, and made 13 international-level appearances.18:45 - Bruce asks about when Mary Beth graduated from university if she had the opportunity to play professional soccer. Mary Beth says there was a league in the US, with about 8 teams and only 2 international players per team, so Mary ended up playing in a womens semi-professional league. After that she also played for some local club teams (senior womens).20:30 - Bruce asks what when into the decision of not playing soccer anymore. Mary says she has never not played soccer in the summer; she lost her carding status with the national team in 2002. Mary Beth talks about how she wonders how things may have been different but does not have regrets and loves how things are.23:00 - Bruce asks where Mary Beth is now. Mary Beth goes on to say how she works as a sales representative for a company and covers Atlantic Canada, and she has two daughters who are starting to get involved in their own activities.23:45 - End - Bruce asks what the biggest part of her story is that kids can learn something from. Mary Beth says one of the biggest lessons is taking responsibility for yourself. Bruce also asks if Mary Beths children know about her success. Mary Beth says she doesnt think so yet. Closing remarks.  
Fonctions : Broadcast on Eastlink TV on March 24th 2019
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Ville de l'établissement : Halifax
Province de l'établissement : Nova Scotia

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