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Oral History

Image - Oral History
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Nom de l'objet : Oral History
Catégorie de l'objet : Documentary artifact
Numéro d'accession : 2019.12.11
Date de début de production : 2019-04-07
Date de fin de production : 2019-04-07
Description : 25 minutes and 29 seconds of colour digital video footage with audio. Recording is of Bruce Rainnie interviewing Hall of Famer Gerry MacMillan for the Legends of the Hall television program on Eastlink TV. .mp4 file, 1.91 gb.
Commentaires : 033040719Legends of the Hall: Gerry MacMillan00:00 - Opening, introductions. Gerry talks about where he lived and grew up, being introduced to golf around the age of 6 or 7. Talks about how his dad was a golfer and then he joined as well. Bruce asks when his first memory of hitting a golf ball and having it feel really good was. Gerry talks about playing whenever, and as often as he could. He was a pretty much self-taught player with some help from his dad and then some coaching in his Jr. career.03:00 - Gerry talks about liking the individuality of golf and how you control the outcome you have. He also mentions hockey as being his first love for sport. He talks about it becoming a part of who he was. Talks about having high expectations and sometimes getting angry on the course.04:50 - Gerry talks about being athletic in many other sports, which would have helped him in golf, and he mentions practicing a lot as well. Gerry talks about his first few Jr. tournaments, and how there was a good group of Jr. golfers in Nova Scotia.06:10 - Bruce asks how old Gerry was when he won, he first (of 19) provincial Nova Scotia gold championships. Gerry says he was 18, and how it was very special. He talks about not doing as well the year before and how it would push him to work harder each year.07:15 - Bruce and Gerry talk about how you lose more than you win in golf and Bruce asks how you cope with the inevitable loss.  Gerry talks about it being very comparable to life itself, you learn to deal with everything not always going your way. Talks about learning from your losses.08:15 - Break - On Screen - In addition to winning the Nova Scotia Amateur Golf Championship a record of 7 times, Gerry has finished runner- up on 6 other occasions08:50 - Gerry says hes played between 3000 and 5000 rounds of golf on the Paragon course, being a member there for 55 years. Gerry talks about the course as being a ball strikers course, and you use every club in your bag, which prepares you for other courses.10:00 - Gerry talks about his first amateur in 1976 at Paragon, being nervous and being told he was the host favourite and getting advice. Bruce asks what Gerrys method is for calming his nerves with the first golf swing. Gerry talks it going well before the competition, and mentally preparing himself for it with visualization. Gerry talks about playing consistently well, with his motivation being to finish in the top 4 at the provincial level so he could play at the national level representing the province. Talks about NS being a strong province.14:00 - Bruce asks if one shot sticks out to Gerry from his amateur career. Gerry says from his last amateur that he won in 1998 at Digby, he tells a story about the 14th hole.15:35 - Gerry talks about himself as an average putter and a good ball striker and being very consistent. He talks about changing his putting philosophy, to trying left-hand low.17:20 - Break - On Screen - Gerry has won Nova Scotia provincial golf titles in 5 different decades, a feat unmatched by any other golfer.17:50 - Gerry talks about one common flaw of being golfers swinging too hard and not hitting enough balls into the greens. Gerry says his favourite golf course in Nova Scotia is highland lakes, he says if he had one last round of golf to play thats where he would want to play it. Gerry talks about the highland games and how its a treat to play there.19:30 - Bruce mentions the 1986 Masters and what Gerry remembers about it. Gerry tells a story from the 18th hole of the last round and how he watched it go down, and says it was an amazing tournament. Gerry says his favourite golfer is Tom Watson. Gerry talks about Jack and Tiger Woods.22:35 - Bruce asks what the biggest part of his story that kids can take something from. Gerry says he would tell them whether they want to be a competitive player or just a casual player, golf is a great game and a game for your entire life time. He says golf teaches you a lot about life itself. Gerry agrees with Bruce that you can find out a lot about a person by playing a round of golf with them.22:30 - End - Bruce asks where Gerry is now. Gerry is the GM of Paragon Golf Club in Kingston, working there for over 36 years and talks about having other passions that he would like to try, but still loves golf. Closing remarks.  
Fonctions : Broadcast on Eastlink TV on April 7th 2019.  
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Province de l'établissement : Nova Scotia

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