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Oral History

Image - Oral History
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Nom de l'objet : Oral History
Catégorie de l'objet : Documentary artifact
Matériaux : Digital video file
Numéro d'accession : 2019.12.14
Date de début de production : 2019-04-28
Date de fin de production : 2019-04-28
Description : 25 minutes and 48 seconds of colour digital video footage with audio. Recording is of Bruce Rainnie interviewing Hall of Famer Marjorie Turner-Bailey for the Legends of the Hall television program on Eastlink TV. .mp4 file, 1.92 gb.
Commentaires : 036042819Legends of the Hall: Marjorie Turner-Bailey00:00 - Introductions, opening remarks. Bruce introduces her book. Marjorie talks about how her family came to Nova Scotia, how the Indigenous people helped them, and how they ended up in Lockport.03:00 - Marjorie talks about her childhood and being fortunate. She talks about starting sports in school. She was introduced to track and field in high school. She talks about racing with the boys and having to be competitive.04:45 - Marjorie says once you excel in something theres always someone out there looking. She talks about being invited to go to England when she was 15 or 16 with a team from Manitoba. Bruce mentions her running and 11.2 second 100 yards at the age of 15.05:50 - They talk about matching Aileen Meaghers records.  She talks about it as something to do. Bruce asks if there was a moment when she realized she was really fast. Marjorie talks about 2 incidences in her childhood. She talks about having natural talent.07:20 - Marjorie talks about a story from when she played basketball. They talk about other sports she played.09:00 - Break - On Screen: Marjorie set 4 Canadian records during her remarkable track and field career.09:30 - Marjorie talks about her gym teacher who put them into training camps and who even built her first starting blocks. She talks about doing other track and field events she did but how she concentrated on the running.11:20 - Bruce asks about the injuries she had in her career. Marjorie talked about how she always hurt as a child and how even just sitting and dangling her legs would hurt. She talks about missing two Olympics because of an injury.12:25 - Marjorie talks about her fastest times being 10.8 for the 100 yard and 11.1 for the 100m. Marjorie talks about racing as being powerful, and how not every race feels like that.13:45 - Bruce asks about the 1976 Olympics. Marjorie says while laughing Im glad its over. She says they should have won a medal in the 4x1 relay, and she will never forget it. She talks about being mad at the end and coming fourth. After that she says she didnt think she would continue because how much physical pain she would be in.16:10 - Bruce asks what the mental side of sprinting was like for her. Marjorie talks about her thinking relaxation and be ready. She talks about staying in the sport for another two years after the 1976 Olympics. She talks about the struggle of her last race at the Commonwealth games in 1978 and winning a silver medal.18:20 - Break - On Screen - A well-known Marjorie Turner-Bailey quotation: Theres just no words like cant or no. Ill probably always have thee attitude, theres nothing unconquerable.19:00 - They talk about Marjories quote. She mentions her mum telling her to always stand up for yourself. She talks about doing motivational talks with kids.20:45 - Bruce asks what she thinks a life in sport has taught her. She says how to deal with successes and failures and how when you fail, that that is the best lesson.23:40 -End - Bruce asks why she decided to write the book. She says she wanted to make sure her family would not be forgotten. Closing remarks.    
Fonctions : Broadcast on Eastlink TV on April 28th 2019
Établissement : Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame  Facebook-Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame  Twitter-Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame  YouTube-Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame
Ville de l'établissement : Halifax
Province de l'établissement : Nova Scotia

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