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Oral History

Image - Oral History
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Nom de l'objet : Oral History
Catégorie de l'objet : Documentary artifact
Matériaux : Digital video file
Numéro d'accession : 2019.12.16
Date de début de production : 2019-05-12
Date de fin de production : 2019-05-12
Description : 26 minutes and 04 seconds of colour digital video footage with audio. Recording is of Bruce Rainnie interviewing Hall of Famer Lyle Carter for the Legends of the Hall television program on Eastlink TV. .mp4 file, 1.95 gb.
Commentaires : 038061219Legends of the Hall: Lyle Carter00:00 - Opening remarks. Bruce talks about Lyle growing up in Brookfield. They talk about how Don Henderson would help him out. Lyle says he always wanted to be a goalie.01:55 - Bruce talks about how when he started playing there was no goalie mask and how Lyle was attracted to that. Lyle talks about having heros and he wanted to be like them, he says he wasnt afraid but have over 250 stiches. Lyle talks about having a concussion and still having to play the next day.03:15 - Bruce asks how softball/fastball and hockey merge for Lyle. Lyle talks about Terry Henderson and watching him play, and how in the winter theyd play hockey, and, in the summer, theyd play ball. Lyle talks about the eye and reflexes being a skill with both sports.04:35 - Lyle says Ted Williams was his hero.05:00 - Bruce asks when Lyle first thought some level of professional hockey could be in his future. Lyle says possibly when he started playing junior.06:15 - Lyle talks about cities he played in. Played for the Montreal Voyagers, as a back-up goalie. Lyle talks about goalies he became friends with.08:55 - Break - On Screen - Lyle Carter played professional hockey in the International, Eastern, Western, American, and National Hockey Leagues.09:30 - Bruce asks what about Cole Chester county produces such great athletes. Lyle talks about areas around them and how they have the same type of athletes come out. Lyle talks about it being because of a combination of things.10:20 - Bruce asks who some of his favourite Truro athletes of all time were. Stan Chook Maxwell is one Lyle talks about.11:20 - Bruce brings up the California Golden Seals. Lyle talks about stories about Charlie Ofinley from when he played for the Golden Seals.12:50 - Bruce asks what his memories were from his first NHL game. Lyle talks about being behind. Lyle talks about his teammates from California.14:10 - Bruce asks if he was ever shot against by players, he watched play before. Lyle talks about Alex Delvecchio. Then they talked about how good Bobby Orr was and what made him so special.15:30 - Lyle talks about a slap shot that hit him in his ribcage which put him out for three weeks, and his first game back it ripped open again.17:00 - Bruce asks how it was playing in sunny California. Lyle talks about that and how the fans were, going out to teach hockey to the fans. He comments and says how fans in the states were way behind the Canadian and Nova Scotian fans.18:20 - Break - On Screen - One of the finest softball players in the provinces history, Lyle Carter won the Mainland Fastball batting title a record 10 times.18:55 - Bruce brings up Lyles softball career and asks him to paint a picture of how popular this sport use to be in NS. Lyle talks about his time playing for the elks and having 1500 or more fans at the games.19:35 - Lyle talks about some of the best players he played with. He talks about being retired when the Elks won nationals.21:40 - Bruce asks how tough it was for Lyle to walk away from his hockey career. Lyle says he thought he knew it was time, and how he went into sports media which he said helps.22:30 - Lyle talks about what he likes about journalism. They talk about when Sidney Crosby played for the Truro Bearcats.24:00 - Bruce mentions that he could argue that some of the top players in the NHL are from NS and he wants Lyles view on that. Lyle talks about how it is remarkable.24:20 - End - Bruce asks where Lyle is now. Lyle talks about still living in Brookfield and talks about the Truro Bearcats and some curlers from Truro. Closing remarks.  
Fonctions : Broadcast on Eastlink TV on May 12th 2019
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Ville de l'établissement : Halifax
Province de l'établissement : Nova Scotia

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