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Image - Painting
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Nom de l'objet : Painting
Artiste ou artisan : Alphonse Jongers
Type de l'objet : Painting
Catégorie de l'objet : Communication Artefacts
Sous-catégorie de l'objet : Art
Matériaux : Canvas, Softwood , Plaster
Numéro de catalogue : MH.92.6.01
Numéro d'accession : MH.92.6.01
Date de début de production : 1900
Description : Portrait of William Macphail, "The Master", oil on canvas, brass coloured background,. Subject has white and grey hair, neatly trimmed beard, blue grey eyes, ruddy complexion, frontal view of face, serious expression. Gold ornate plaster frame with outer edge scroll pattern, top of frame has rounded raised edge, 7cm rise from frame, scalloped sides with ornate carvings on corners and center of top and sides . Signed and dated by artist A. Jongers on front right side of painting, above subjects left shoulder.
Commentaires : William MacPhail was born in Nairn, Inverness Scotland in 1830 at age two, he travelled with his parents to Cape Breton. On the voyage he survived a shipwreck which left the family with nothing but a book and a spinning wheel to start their new lives. In 1844 he moved to Prince Edward Island and married Catherine Moore Smith of Newton, PEI. He became the school master and bought a 100 acre farm in Orwell and moved there in 1864. He taught at the Uigg School which was at the northern edge of the property. He later became Inspector of Schools and then Supervisor of the Hospital for the Insane. He had ten children, one of which was Sir Andrew MacPhail who wrote the The Masters Wife about his parents. The artist, Alphonse Jongers, was born 1872 in Mezieres, France, and died in 1945. His fee ranged from $3000 to $5000 but he painted many of his friends for free. He lived at the Ritz Carlton in Montreal, Quebec in1929, then, after the stock market crashed he had to move out. He did return in later years to live there until his death at age 72.
Hauteur : 52
Largeur : 42
Profondeur : 4
Translittération de l'inscription : Signed on canvas front : " A mon ami Macphail / on Summerside/ I 'ile du Prince Edouard / Aout 1900 / A. Jongers" On verso of canvas "G. Rowner & Co. London (?)/ Quality B " Verso of frame: On blue paper label: "Johnson & Copping / dealers in / pictures, picture frames / carvers and gilders/ 745 Craig St., Montreal
Établissement : Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead
Ville de l'établissement : Orwell
Province de l'établissement : Prince Edward Island
Site web de l'établissement : http://macphailhomestead.ca   Facebook-Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead 

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