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Nom de l'objet : Letter
Titre : To Santa from Geoffrey Sayers
Numéro d'accession : BR2013.2.35
Date de début de production : 1914
Description : A letter to Santa from Geoffrey Sayers. Handwritten in pencil on cream coloured paper with six pencil lines drawn at 7 mm and 2.5 cm apart. The note reads: 'Dear Santa Please bring me an air gun Geoffrey Sayers'. The letter is written in cursive. There are two letters crossed out, one after 'Santa' and the other before the word 'gun'.The paper has been folded into four so there are two crease lines at right angles. The line under 'Santa' and the bottom line are not written on.
Fonctions : Geoffrey wrote the note perhaps when he was around seven or eight years old.

Geoffrey (1907-1997) was the eldest child of Annie Harris and Beverly Draper Sayers of Clarkson. He lived in near his grandparents home 'Benares' and attended Toronto Township School No. 6, he would later attend the University of Toronto School during the mid-1920s. He also was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, he was appointed 2nd Lieutenant 14 June 1938. Two years later, he was appointed Lieutenant. As of 21 April 1941, he was appointed the rank of Temporary Captain, and was recommended for appointment to the Lorne Scots (P. D. and H. Regiment) based out of Brampton. According to his military file, Captain Geoffrey Sayers served with the Canadian Forces from 21 April 1941 until 11 October 1945, when he was honourably discharged. From 17 June 1941 until 13 March 1945, he also served with the British Forces (he had British citizenship). He received the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp 1939-45. Geoffrey Sayers and his wife Kathleen (n‚e Colloton) occupied Benares from 1969 until 1981.
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