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Nom de l'objet : Clipping, Newspaper
Titre : College Residences named for Pioneer
Numéro d'accession : BR2013.2.33
Date de début de production : 1990
Description : A newspaper clipping entitled 'College residence named for pioneer' published September 1990 in a local newspaper; possibly the Mississauga News or Mississauga Times. The article mentions the opening of the a new Erindale college residence called the 'McGrath Valley' in memory of the Rev. James McGrath who came to the area form Ireland in 1826. The article describes the facility and includes an image of official ribbon cutting which features an image of architect Terrance McGowan, Director of Residences Mike Lavelle, special guest Geoffrey Sayers, Head of Don Joel Farquhar, Mississauga West MP Steve Mahoney and College Principal Desmond Morton.
Fonctions : Article most likely published in a local Mississauga newspaper, either the Mississauga News or the Mississauga Times. The article features Geoffrey Harris Sayers attendance at the opening of 'McGrath Valley', a new student residence located at Erindale College. The residence was named after the Mcgrath family who settled in the area in 1826 when James Magrath was assigned to the Toronto Mission. Geoffrey was invited as a special guest to the opening because he is a descendant of the Magrath family through his maternal grandmother, Mary Magrath Harris.
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