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Nom de l'objet : Print, Photographic
Médium : photographic paper
Numéro d'accession : BR2012.4.1.1
Date de début de production : 1945
Date de fin de production : 1955
Description : Black and white photograph of two gentlemen both holding a cheque (?). Behind them is a wall-mounted painting of a man in military uniform (T. L. Kennedy). The man on the proper right is T.L. Kennedy. The other man is L. Mansel Ketchen. The photo has a white 0.5 cm border. In pencil on the back is written "1 Pt. Credit, 2 cols." The back has paper stuck to it at the four corners, having once been glued onto something else.
Fonctions : Thomas Laird Kennedy (1878-1959) lived near the Dundas and Tomken intersection in Cooksville and Dixie. Kennedy was a fruit grower for the majority of his life, however, he became involved in politics and in 1919 he was elected to the provincial parliament as a Conservative member for Peel. He served as Minister of Agriculture from 1930-1934 and from 1943 until 1952. In 1948, Kennedy became interim Premier of Ontario when the incumbent, George Alexander Drew, died. Kennedy remained in the office until Leslie Miscampbell Frost became leader of the party the following year. Kennedy also served in the First World War and attained the rank of colonel in the militia. In 1974, the Mississauga Historical Society (now Mississauga South Historical Society) organized a ceremony to erect a commemorative plaque honouring T.L. Kennedy in front of Dixie public school at 1120 Flagship Drive. The school sits on land that was once part of the Kennedy farm. For more information on T. L. Kennedy, see the Mississauga Heritage Foundation's fact sheet on Thomas Laird Kennedy by Marian M. Gibson. The Archives of Ontario also holds the Thomas Laird Kennedy fonds that include photographs and textual materials on his life.The Lions Club was formed on April 22, 1937 by B. L. Cope. The organization contributed to various organizations through fundraising. The first directors of the club were Col. T. L. Kennedy, Dr. George Watson, and Rev. K. Berkley. A Lions Hall was constructed at 20 Rosewood Avenue in 1952, followed by a $85,000 fundraising campaign to build a swimming pool. The swimming pool project was headed by chairman Lion Mansel Ketchen. The groundbreaking ceremony took place Saturday, May 2, 1953 and was carried out by MP Gordon Graydon and Miss Canada 1953, Marilyn Riddick of Agincourt. Ms. Riddick was chaperoned by Helen Tucker of Port Credit. Port Credit Reeve, J. D. Saddington, announced the event as "an auspicious occasion for the village". The Lions Memorial Swimming Pool opened June 5, 1954. The pool was dedicated to the dead soldiers of WWII. Col. T. L. Kennedy cut the ribbon. The total cost for the pool was $125,000. Source: "Port Credit: Past to Present" by Kathleen Hicks (pgs: 210 to 212).In 2011, the pool re-opened as the Lions Club of Credit Valley Outdoor Pool after $24 million in renovations to six city pools. Source:
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