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Nom de l'objet : Contract
Titre : Agreement between Thomas Andrews to Mrs. Skynner
Numéro d'accession : BR2013.2.39
Date de début de production : 1854
Description : Light blue folded legal document entitled 'agreement between Thomas Andrews and Mrs. Skynner'. When opened the document measures 42 cm by 33.5 cm. The contract is written in ink handwriting on the lightly lined blue paper. Thomas Andrew, carpenter is contracting to build a brick house for Mrs. Skynner and describes the details of the house including its size, thickness of walls, foundation, windows, porch, doors, location of stove pipe ect. Amount agreed is for 130 pounds.
Fonctions : According to the donor the papers "refer to the cottage on the Dundas Highway near the old stone gates into the Rev. McGrath's property. My aunt Edith Draper lived there from 1907 until she joined her sister in [Toronto]. The light hanging in Benares front hall came from it [home]. Originally built for Joanna Skynner widow. Note the Bond is signed by Capt Henry Skynner and Dr. Dixie of Erindale (Springfield then!) I am not sure how the "abstract title" corners in or if it refers to Joanna's hose but as Aunt Ede had these papers it assume it does. Interesting names 'Proudfoot'" (Barbara Sayers Larson, 2012).Joanna Skynner was the second wife of Captain John Skynner of the Anchorage and Henry Skynner (1825-1890) was the second son of the Captain, he would go on to marry Mary Merigold Jarvis at Brunswick Farm on October 30 1851. The Skynner and Harris families have a long history of friendship that span many generations.This paper, amongst others, was kept by Edith August Draper who was related to the Harris family through Annie Harris' marriage to Bevely Sayers; Beverly was Edith's nephew. ; Aunt Ede (c. 1859- 1941) was the granddaughter of Chief Justice William Henry Draper (1801-1877), had an illustrious career as a nurse and missionary. After attending nursing school at the Bellevue Hospital, New York, and working at the Illinois Training School for Nurses, she trained nurses for the Cook County and Presbyterian Hospitals in Chicago in the early 1890s. She worked in various parts of Canada before retiring in 1910 to live closer to her family in Erindale, Ontario.
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