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Nom de l'objet : Print, Photographic
Médium : photographic paper
Numéro d'accession : BR2012.12.1
Date de début de production : 1948
Date de fin de production : 1950
Description : Black and white photograph with a white (8mm) border. In the photo a group of people are standing in front of a grounded helicopter on the Barrymede Estate. The people are wearing long overcoats. There are bare trees in the background.
Fonctions : This photograph was taken on the Barrymede Estate, today known as Rattray Marsh. Major James Halliday Rattray (1887 - 1959) was born in Portsmouth, Ontario to Scottish parents. Rattray attended Queen University where he graduated with a degree in geology. He served during WWI, receiving the Military Cross for gallant and distinguished service. Rattray attained the rank of Colonel, but was known as Major Rattray. He moved to Mississauga ca. 1940. He rented a luxurious estate (now Riverwood Park on Burhamthorpe Road) from his friends, Ida and Percy Parker, before buying Barrymede Estate. Frank Burton acted as the Estate Manager, and it was Burton who discovered Rattray's body when he died on 18 September 1959. Immediately after his death, Rattray's friends talked about preserving his estate. The estate was offered to the government to become a park, which was turned down. This did not deter them, and they formed the Rattray Estate Preservation Committee. Eventually the group prevented the development of luxury homes on the property and purchased the property themselves to create Rattray Marsh Conservation Area: a jewel in Mississauga's Park system. The park officially opened on 5 October 1975 after a 16 year struggle.This image was given to the donor by a friend and long-time resident of Clarkson, John Easson. John lived on Clarkson Road North. He came here with his grandparents when his father went to fight in WWII. John's parents were close friends of Major Rattray. John's mother, Dorothy, is in the image, but John's father was serving with the armed forces at the time. Another close friend was Igor Sikorsky, the "father" of the helicopter. Sigorsky had flown up this helicopter from New York and landed it on the front lawn of Barrymede. He was the first to invent a successful helicopter, upon which all further designs are based. He also designed and built the first military helicopter (XR-4) and was the first to have a boat hull that could lift off from water (1958).
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