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Nom de l'objet : Letter
Titre : To Master Geoffrey Sayers from Uncle Egerton
Numéro d'accession : BR2013.2.42
Date de début de production : 1916
Description : Letter written by Uncle Egerton to Geoffrey Sayers on April 4th 1916. He thanks Geoffrey for sending him some pencils, one of which he uses to write this letter. He is in the services and at this time, stationed in Montreal. He is writing from the YMCA. Letter came inside a brown envelope marked with the YCMA crest on the top left side and the words "On active service". The crest is a triangular on red with black YMCA across the inverted triangle on right side is a cancelled 2 cent Canada stamp with, TC on it. It was posted in Montreal, May / 1916 and addressed to "Master Geoffrey Sayers, Clarkson, Ont. Canada".
Fonctions : Letter was written by Geoffrey Sayers' uncle, Egerton Sayers, in April of 1916. Prior to enlisting the war Egerton was living in Clarkson and working in a bank as a clerk. Unlike his brother Beverly, Egerton was free of family responsibilities and joined up in Nov 10, 1914. While undergoing training in Toronto, Private Sayers contracted the mumps and spent a month and a half in hospital. Sailing overseas in May 1915 Private Sayers was posted to the 19th Battalion and went into the trenches of the Western Front in September. During the Battle of the Somme Sept, 1916 Private Sayers was wounded by shrapnel in the arm. Returning to England, Egerton stayed in various hospitals until November recovering from his wounds. Granted a furlough, Egerton returned to Canada in Feb, 1917. For two months he stayed in Clarkson resting before returning to the Front in April. By January 1918 he had been promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal. Lance Corporal Egerton Sayers was killed in action June 21, 1918 while the 19th Battalion was occupying a defensive line. He was buried in Bellacourt Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.
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