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Nom de l'objet : Print, Photographic
Médium : Ink/Cardboard
Numéro d'accession : BR2013.2.27
Date de début de production : 1890
Date de fin de production : 1910
Description : Photograph print of Lucy Adelaide Skynner. Small sepia coloured photograph mounted on a piece of cardboard and features her profile. A gold border runs along the sides of the cardboard. She has a corsage at her neckline. At the bottom on the front is a printed caption that reads 'Sunbeam Stanton 134 Yonge St. Toronto'. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads: 'Lucy Skynner Willie's sister Great friend of Mary Harris'.
Fonctions : Photograph incorrectly identifies Lucy as Willie's sister however she was his aunt. Lucy Adelaide Skynner (Aug 6 1862 - 1955) was the daughter of John and Mary Adamson and the granddaughter of Captain John Skynner of the Anchorage. She was also a close friend to Mary Harris of Benares. She grew up in a house in Sheridan area of Mississauga with her six sisters. Lucy never married and ended up living in Simcoe County with sister Millie. Lucy died in October of 1955.Eldridge Stanton helped establish the photographic studio of Stanton and Vicars in 1877; they were originally located on King Street East. The studio was very active in Toronto during the second half of the 19th Century. (information from;rad).
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