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Nom de l'objet : Photograph
Médium : Photographic Paper/Photographic Emulsion/Cardboard/Ink
Numéro d'accession : BR2013.2.56
Pays d'origine : Toronto
Date de début de production : 1906
Date absolue : 02/12/1906
Description : A sepia photograph of Annie Harris in her wedding dress. Photograph glued to a cardboard backing that is part of a folder. The front of the folder is marked in handwritten ink with a note that reads 'Dearest Old Percy from your ever loving Cousin Annie. Wishing you a very happy Xmas and many of them, and a very happy and lucky New Year'. Another note in brackets underneath reads 'This is as I was attired on Feb. 12th 1906'. The cover has a tissue paper piece to protect the photograph. It has a 3 by 7.5 inch cm design on top left corner of front. Photograph of Annie Harris wearing a long sleeved wedding gown with a ruffled bodice. The bottom of her dress is also adorned with some ruffles and bows. She is also wearing a light coloured hat that is decorated with feathers and features. She is holding a bouquet of what looks to be baby's breath and is standing in front of backdrop that has decorated wall paneling. The photograph is glued to a cardboard backing pressed border around the photograph. Signed on the bottom hand corner is the name 'G. Gill Toronto'.
Fonctions : Photograph originally given to Annie's cousin Percy Sutherland. The photograph was most likely returned to the Harris/Sayers family sometime after Percy's death. Percy was the son of John Newton Sutherland and Caroline Jane Hedley. He owned an exporting business and often sent gifts to the Harris family. He was also a collector of Chinese Art and donated his collection to the McGill University Gallery. ;;Annie Louise Harris was born on September 12th 1882 to parents Arthur and Mary Harris (née Magrath), of Benares. Annie and her younger sister Naomi were raised in an atmosphere of upper middle class comfort. They were educated at home by governesses, and then were sent to Miss Dupont's School for Ladies in Toronto, where they stayed with their aunts throughout the week. As Annie and Naomi grew up, Benares was a frequent area for lawn tennis matches, weekend parties, and croquet games on the lawn. ;;Annie later married Beverly Sayers in 1906, and together they built a house on the southern part of the Benares Estate, given to them by Annie's parents. After their marriage ended in 1925, Annie continued to live in the Log Bungalow, raising her three children alone. Annie and Beverly had three children: Geoffrey, (1907-1998); Dora, (1915-2004); and Barbara, (1920-). Annie remained in Clarkson for the remainder of her life dying in 1986 at the age of 104.
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Province de l'établissement : Ontario

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