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Nom de l'objet : Print, Photographic
Médium : photographic paper, ink
Numéro d'accession : BR2012.2.78
Date de début de production : 1975
Date de fin de production : 1975
Description : A colour photograph with white borders of an old woman (Annie Sayers) wearing a powder blue, knee-length dress and white cardigan, sitting in an upholstered arm chair. She has a corsage pinned to the proper left shoulder of her cardigan. She is holding a letter or card (?) in her hands. Leaning on the proper left arm of the chair is another woman (Barbara Larson, Annie's daughter). She is wearing a white lace jacket with pants (or skirt?). She is holding a pair of reading glasses in her proper right hand. In the background is a window and curtain, side table with lit lamp and books, and a small picture on the wall. Handwritten on the back: "Sept. 12, 75".
Fonctions : This photograph was taken on Annie's 93nd birthday. Annie Harris Sayers (1882-1986) was born to Arthur and Mary Harris (n‚e Magrath) of Benares. Annie and her younger sister, Naomi, were raised in an atmosphere of upper middle class comfort. They were educated at home by governesses, and then were sent to Miss Dupont's School for Ladies in Toronto, where they stayed with their aunts throughout the week. As Annie and Naomi grew up, Benares was a frequent area for lawn tennis matches, weekend parties, and croquet games on the lawn.Annie Harris married Beverly Sayers in 1906, and together they built a house on the southern part of the Benares Estate, given to them by Annie's parents. After their marriage ended in 1925, Annie continued to live in the Log Bungalow, raising her three children alone. Annie and Beverly had three children: Geoffrey, (1907-1998); Dora, (1915-2004); and Barbara, (1920-). Annie was known as a very creative, generous, and sweet woman. She became a Christian Scientist after nearly dying of pneumonia in 1924. Annie celebrated her 100th birthday in 1982 with a large party at Benares. She lived to be 104. She is buried at Spring Creek Cemetery in Clarkson.
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Province de l'établissement : Ontario

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