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Nom de l'objet : Print, Photographic
Médium : paper, emulsion, ink
Numéro d'accession : BR2012.2.76
Date de début de production : 1973
Description : A colour photographic print of Annie Sayers and her great grandson Andrew Gooderham. Annie is wearing a striped and printed, orange and black dress. Standing next to her is Andrew who is wearing a long sleeved red sweater and a pair of striped pants; he is seen holding a toy in his hand. Marked on the top of the photograph in blue ink is the following: 'Anne's 91st 1973'.
Fonctions : Photograph taken on the occasion of Annie's 91st birthday that occurred on September 12th 1973. Edward Andrew Gooderham was born October 13th, 1971 and is the son of Geoffrey Gooderham and the grandson of Barbara Sayers Larson and Melville Gooderham. Andrew married Sandy Hyhko at the grounds of Benares Historic House on June 23rd 2007 on the anniversary of his grandparents wedding. Barbara and Melville married on June 23rd 1939.
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Ville de l'établissement : Mississauga
Province de l'établissement : Ontario

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