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Nom de l'objet : Album, Photograph
Médium : leather, cardboard, brass, paper, emulsion, ink
Numéro d'accession : BR2012.26.7
Date de début de production : 1895
Date de fin de production : 1905
Description : A hardback album covered in red, embossed leather. There are 25 page pockets for single photos. The pages are made of thick cardboard with a gold edge. There is a cut-out in the centre of the page for the slipped-in images to be viewed. There are two sets of brass closures. There are 25 images: 1. Is a photograph that is mounted on cardboard and features two unidentified ladies dressed in dresses with coats, bonnets and gloves. The back of the photograph has a red border and is stamped in black ink with the following inside a circle: 'Stephens' Canadian Photograph Gallery. Holland Street, Bradford C.(?) W.' 2. Photograph mounted on cardboard, no markings on back. Photograph of a group of unidentified people standing inside a Regency style cottage home that has been covered in clapboard. A sign on top of the door reads: 'Churchill House By J. Gregg (?) Line'. 3. A photograph printed on cardboard of a unidentified woman dressed in a dark, taffeta like dress with matching cape. Standing beside a table and with a stool in front of her. 4. Photograph of a unidentified gentleman wearing a stripe necktie. Image of only his head and shoulders; he has curly hair and a moustache. Stamped in black ink on the back of the his photograph is the following: 'Patronized by the Queen & H.R.H. The Price of Wales George Mansfield 90 Grafton St. Dublin' Stamp is of a circle with an image of a crown on top. 5. A photograph printed on cardboard of a unidentified lady dressed in a polka dolt gown with puff sleeves. She is seated on a chair. 6. Photograph of a unidentified gentleman with wavy hair , moustache and goatee. Dressed in a dark three piece suit and wearing a stick pin on his tie. Printed on the back of the photograph is the following: 'Elliott & Fry 55 Baker Street, Portman Square' Also has the initials 'E' and 'F' that are intertwined. 6. Picture of a light coloured dog (Bull Dog Terrier ?) seated on a blanket, side profile. Photograph mounted on cardboard. Marked on the bottom with 'M. Allen & Co. Dublin'. Printed on the back with 'M. Allen & Ci, 12 Westland Row Dublin. Copies may be had at any time'. 7. blank. 8. Man in military uniform. 9. Lady and two children (maybe Sarah with Mazo's father and uncle). 10. Dog. 11. Gentleman. 12. Man. 13. blank. 14. Man. 15. man. 16. Lady in white. 17. Lady seated with 5 dogs. 18. man. 19. Man. 20. Lady seated with a young child. 21. Lady with elaborate skirt. 22. blank. 23. Older lady. 24. black. 25. blank.
Fonctions : Photographs in the album are relatives of writer Mazo de la Roche most likely to be from her father's side of her family who were from Ireland. Mazo Louise Roche was born January 15th 1879 in Newmarket, Ontario. She was the only daughter of William Richmond Roche and Alberta 'Bertie' Lundy Roche. She was born in the home of her maternal grandparents, Daniel Ambrose Lundy and Louise Willson Lundy and spent the early part of her childhood in their home. Her father, William, worked for his brother Danford who owned and operated a general store. The Roche family originated from Ireland, much like Mazo's paternal grandmothers family. Mazo would take the train to visit her father and his family in Toronto. Her grandmother had a home located on John Street. Mazo was the only grandchild on both her mothers side and fathers side of the family. Album was kept by Mazo and then given to he son, Ren‚ de la Roche, whom she adopted in 1931. It was later left to his widow, Bianca de la Roche, after he passed away in 1984. (Genealogical information on Mazo provided by Heather Kirk's book 'Mazo de la Roche: Rich and Famous Writer, 2006).

In 1927, Mazo de la Roche's (1879-1961) novel Jalna won the $10,000 first prize in a competition sponsored by Atlantic Monthly, which provided her with recognition and success in the future. Mazo de la Roche is significant to Mississauga as she lived in Clarkson during the time she wrote her award winning novel, Jalna. Mazo lived in Trail Cottage, which was located on property that had originally belonged to the Benares Estate. Some people speculate the Benares House was Mazo's inspiration for the Whiteoaks of Jalna. Mazo was friends with the Harrises and had visited Benares.
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