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Nom de l'objet : Stove
Sous-catégorie de l'objet : Food Processing Tools and Equipment
Matériaux : Metal
Iron, cast
Numéro d'accession : 2010.363.026
Fabricant : The New Burrell. Johnson Iron Co. Limited Yarmouth N.S.
Province d'origine : Nova Scotia
Pays d'origine : Canada
Province d'utilisation : New Brunswick
Pays d'utilisation : Canada
Date de début de production : 1878
Commentaires : Mary's Stove If this stove could talk it could tell many stories because Jim and Mary Edwards kept boarders. They were married in 1918 and the stove arrived at their home in Whitehead in the early twenties. No one knows if this was the first stove Jim bought but we believe this stove came from Livingston's Place at Carter's Point, Long Reach. Several neighbors gave Jim a hand to move it - cousin Si and Parker Edwards, and Harry Redmore. It was a long journey in those days by horse and wagon. The roads were muddy, and many times the wheels got stuck in the mud, but Mary was waiting at home to clean it up. The stove had a few shocking moments which frightened Mary. Once a shotgun shell got mixed with the kndling wood, and when the fire came in contact the shell exploded and the covers went flying everywhere. Mary ran out the door! Another incident was when a bolt of lightning came in on the wire from the phone. It bounced form the stove to the sink and went down the drain. The black stove heated the whole house until Jim made a furnace from a barrel. (It was the first on the Peninsula.) There was always a boiler full of hot water ready to bath their children, Gordon & Audrey, and anyone else who needed a bath. Later a hot water tank was installed on the back of the stove. Jim called the stove Old Faithful. He was always up first to light the fire, then he would get a dipper full of water and pour it in the kettle. He'd then call to Mary and say, "Breakfast is ready." One time in later years he made a mistake " he filled the dipper, took the lid off the stove and poured the water in and put the fire out! What heat that stove gave! It cooked a lot of meals for lots of people. Mary would have chicken-pot-pie or beans and pancakes ready when her relatives, the Millers, came on Sunday afternoon. Many feet were warmed in the oven after skating. Even wood was heated in the oven and placed in all the beds before bedtime. Old Faithful was eventually moved across the road to Jim's father's (Walter Edwards) house by his son-in-law, Don Ruston, in the mid seventies. It served two houses well! Time marches on. It's now moved again to our lovely Museum at Kingston, thanks to Jim's grandson Jim Ruston, who decided to take the job on. May all who see the black stove enjoy this antique. Jim and Mary would be pleased, I'm sure. Old Faithful never burned up the letters to old Saint Nick either. Audrey (Edwards) Ruston, September 2010
Hauteur : 142
Largeur : 116
Diamètre extérieur : 84
Unité de mesure linéaire : cm
Nombre d'objets : 1
Étiquette ou poinçon : On draft side of Stove: Model Grand Pat'd Sept. 24, 1878. Imp'd 1885 The New Burrell. Johnson Iron Co. Limited Yarmouth , N.S.
On Stove Surface No. 8
On top Warming Shelf Worlds Model Best
on first warming shelf The Burrell. Johnson Iron Co. Limited Yarmouth , N.S.
On stove center back chimney Model Grand Highest Award Warlds Fair Chicago 1893
Établissement : John Fisher Memorial Museum
Ville de l'établissement : Kingston
Province de l'établissement : New Brunswick
Site web de l'établissement : http://www.kingstonnb.ca  

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